Expert Analyzed these UFO Images… Results are Clear, They Are Real

In this episode, Jaime Maussán sits with Giuseppe Garofalo, an expert in falsifying images, to discover the truthfulness of the UFO recordings provided by Antonio Urzi. Urzi’s sophisticated team has allowed him to get the clearest evidence of spaceships in history. However, many skeptics refuse to validate them.
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28 Comments on “Expert Analyzed these UFO Images… Results are Clear, They Are Real”

  1. I just don't get the impression these are real UFOs. They could be balloon shaped UFOs. And the movement seems to suggest they're being carried by wind as opposed to self propelled fast moving objects.

  2. DISCLOSURE will NOT come from Governments or Religions (they have too much to lose)  It will come from the poeple of the Planet Earth.  and here it is now…..

  3. Wasn't this guy a hoax at one time. It was a huge scandal. He was using balloons. Etc.. I remember. Him being caught or something in a scandal. Help me out here. If anyone knows anything or remembers ANYTHING about him and that scandal. Please do tell . Thank u

  4. Ok. I accept the photos are real. But I believe the horse & Mary with child are holograms created by somebody. But who? The Italian is credible. Who is producing the holograms?

  5. That’s really outstanding. Look at the small spheres on the bottom. And the solitary baby sphere. This looks nothing like any human design.

  6. Tell me again how all of the "people who believe in UFO's & aliens are batshit crazy"….go ahead….

  7. Honestly without doubt, it's impossible to be the only beings in the vast universes… This is really just basic common sense.

  8. no independent photographer analist. Seems to be a friend of him. Easy to say that its then original.

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