26 Comments on “Experts Weigh In On Pentagon's 9-Page 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena' Report”

  1. Sorry, why are these guys bringing up "aliens" and saying this disproves it? This report is specifically about anomalous incidents/objects in the sky.. where is the scientific rigor here?

  2. Just a simple question, what ever country has the science to create a drone that can zip around aircraft carriers and go into the water would be able to cram a dirty bomb in it's belly right?
    Just asking

  3. That’s even less than I expected, and my expectations were rather low to begin. 
    Still, it’s pretty big that they even admit to this…I suppose.

    I’m guessing we’ll soon hear about a request for an increase in funding for the Space Force. (Taxation with bullshit for representation.)

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the MSM actually did their fucking job. 
    I mean it’s not like there isn’t a shitload of reliable testimony on the subject….if only their brains and fingertips weren’t so damn lazy.
    I’m kind of over listening to robotic commentators peddle the dribble of a captured bureaucracy like they’re providing us with the actual truth.

    "Experts weigh in…”   yeah right.

  4. Buy yet these idiots believe in dark matter and black wholes! Lol and the big 💥 has anyone every seen a string? String theory is real! Science Advances one funeral at a time! Ask the people that I’ve taken a Covid vaccine and never came back from that

  5. They know more than their saying. They want money to study them and we want answers. I say defund them until they cough up some information.

  6. I'll tell you how we know its aliens… if it was humans, we would have used these crafts to destroy someone by now.

  7. To ask a SETI scientist about UFOs or UAPs is ridiculous. They know zero about this subject. They waste their time listening to morse cose coming from the sky. I dont care what signal they get, how could they ever prove scientifically 100% an alien created it?? Lol

  8. we of The League of Rotund Felines have known the existence of ETs and habitable exo planets since the days of The Pharaoh!

  9. People need to understand that the science community has to hold itself to a certain standard of evidence before fully excepting something because of their reputation could be effected. Just because they act like UFO's are nothing on tv doesn't mean anything.

  10. Why are the "scientists" always the dumbest ones and last to know things…. Like you literally have to spell it out for them in black and white, give them an essay on it, let them watch a video on it, then give them a live demonstration of it… when everyone else just got it right away 🧐

  11. USG should develop universal sensors and radar systems not just ones made with reference to detect Russian or Chinese planes mandate is to defend against all threats not just terrestrial

  12. … so the air force should shoot 'em down and get US the info … i guess shooters have new targets now …

  13. If they are real, there goes Seth Shostak’s SETI funding. After all, why bother listening for signals from distant stars if they’re already here?

  14. 75 years ago rural China created future tech. Yep, its gotta be China. They could do that in 1947, right?

  15. Imagine saying that I don't know what they are… but clearly they are not aliens… which It's kinda stupid and ignorant and he still doesn't have knowledge.

  16. Most of these are US secret program vehicles. The deep state scum are bringing this subject to the owners of the country via their propaganda organs known as the MSM. The purpose will be a false flag to terrorize us into giving up our God given rights. Real extraterrestrial people are peaceful and trying to get us to wake up. Children playing with nukes scares everyone and that is what we are at best.

  17. The full report was over 70 pages with 14 videos yet we only get to see 9 pages of the report…….🙄

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