Facebook vs. Australia and CIA released UFO files – News from the Wasteland

Tonight on the news we discuss the massive lawsuits a popular voting software company is issuing to Trump allies, how Australian news outlets are giving Facebook the pinch, and the CIA releases UFO files topic is quickly hijacked by other topics.

Find out more by visiting https://radiowasteland.us/news/dominion-voting-facebook-vs-au-cia-ufo-files/


3 Comments on “Facebook vs. Australia and CIA released UFO files – News from the Wasteland”

  1. Cia would never release anything they didnt want out there, we all know the "aliens" comes from earth, probably beyond antartica. Space is fake!!!

  2. Couple of months ago there was another thing with Australian news where google was asked to pay Australian news outlets because google can take information from the pages it indexes and display it on the search page and people don't click through to the news site, so the news site loses out on ad money. The Facebook thing sounds really similar in theme, so maybe it's deeper down that rabbit hole?

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