45 Comments on “Federation of Light – UFO Cloud Ships?”

  1. I just cant wait till this bull shit is over with iv been waiting for them for ever now and I guess they said that between this year and nxt year they are gonna make there announcement about fucking time tired of this corrupt world. I wana play with my angles already.

  2. Thanks man, I love people like you who use their brains for more then just the ending of their bodies. 🙂

  3. Yeah, some of them or even all of them can be disguised ships, but one technical question: How can these huge ships be so near and not affecting us or damaging electronics ?!

  4. I went from watching cute animals, to weird sea creatures and now I am in the that really weird youtube place again.

  5. Ordinary lenticular clouds, any meteorologist will tell you that. The parallel clouds are also a natural phenomenon. In Australia at a certain time of year clouds of this nature literally roll across the sky in large numbers. A UFO(s) could conceivably hide in them, but sorry guys and gals, just water vapour.

  6. I suggest you do a little research into clouds, specifically iridescent, lenticular, shelf, roll, and hole-punch clouds. Because that is all those clouds were.

  7. I suggest you do a little research into clouds, specifically iridescent, lenticular, shelf, roll, and hole-punch clouds. Because that is all those clouds were.

  8. At 1:07 direct sunlight cannot penetrate the cloud?! 2:09 orange clouds????? Tube shaped clouds really… they looked like chem trails. Yes and 3:42.. now thats just careless. 4:14 geometrical shapes in nature? 4:20 rounded cloud sitting right on a small mountain top! some of these are like a dumb slut wearing black underwear over thin white pants. In other words these sluts aren't trying to hide at all, they want to be noticed.

  9. You are unconscious… of the fact that you've been deceived. The devil would love it if we all thought him nonexistent and that his fellow demons are aliens from afar. If you believe that, I'll sell you your own planet and they will take you there. But when you get there, it's just Hell as usual. Wake up.

  10. Qu'est-ce que c'est cette musique aussi discordante que ridicule sur de telles superbes images ? Du niveau encéphalogramme plat pour fans de boites de nuit.  :-/

  11. 6 years since this video was posted and people still think clouds are space ships. 5 year Olds think clouds are space ships.

  12. open your eyes everyone. they are here to help us and protect us. they are using faux cloud cover to cloak their ships as to not alarm people and cause mass panic among those who have not awakened.

  13. Any clouds I've ever seen have random, abstract and nonlinear shapes with NO visual purpose beyond being a cloud. However, many of these, if not all of these, share symmetry and purpose. They have qualities that are NOT evident in normal clouds. To make comments that suggest that these appear to be nothing more than someone's vivid imagination, is someone in denial. Denial of a truth is a clear sign of fear. Fear of over turning your apple cart of a safe, organized life in a bubble fantasy. A number of these images appear to be intelligent, non-random occurrences. During the last few months of 2015, I'd been hearing about some "scientists" claiming the Earth is actually flat, NOT ROUND. So, THAT lunacy tells a story unto itself and what we're actually in for and have been dealing with.

  14. This video would be a lot better without the music blazing in the background. ET's don't need background music to keep our attention. This music is actually competing with subject of the video itself (way to loud if anything) Way to loud and distracting

  15. you are a moron if you belive they are (cloud ships).whoever made this video with that statement is completely deliousinal.

  16. neat clouds. that's all tho, clouds. if you see a giant penis cloud, you think it's a real flying giant dick, or just a cloud? this guy's on acid.

  17. hej guys, for some years ago i had a trip to middle east and i saw a giant spaceship in desert. I couldn't belive in my own eyes, that thing was huge and it couldn't be man made, couse i had never seen such a flying machine so big. There was two things about that flying thing, first those lights all around that, which i had never seen before from any man made objects, and you couldn't hear any sound of engine.

  18. Been checking this video for nearly 8 years to find out where this song comes from. Who's ready for true liberation? VOTL! These skies have nothing on today's skies.

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