Fighter Pilot Claims He Has Debunked Mick West UFO / UAP GoFast Debunking.

UFO / UAP Video GoFast is REAL? F16 Fighter Pilot Chris Lehto Claims Mick West’s debunking of GoFast is flawed. Chris also states that the ATFLIR range to target function is also flawed. So in an effort to make debunk the debunk of GoFast I have decided to debunk the debunk of the debunk.


Chris claims the RNG or Range To Target function on the ATFLIR is not accurate. Raytheon will not officially comment however my source there says that he does not understand what Chris is trying to say. He also would like clarification from Chris but since Chris blocked me it is difficult to ask.

So hopefully the will see this and answer the question because the answer he gave in his video is not decipherable. In fact, much of the video does not make a lot of sense. The lesson on focus reminded me of how Flat Earther’s explain Sunsets and other things that do not work on a flat earth using some perspective double speak.

So I will wait and see what he says.

I will post links in the comments as YouTube gave an error earlier and I had to delete the first video.


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