Fleet of UFOs Underwater Off Greece Coastline, Google Earth, UFO Sighting News.

Coordinates: 40°27’2.58″N 22°51’46.24″E


44 Comments on “Fleet of UFOs Underwater Off Greece Coastline, Google Earth, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. I would call them USO's because they're under water. Why don't they dive down there and research them?

  2. Wow thats amazing, but did they not relise theres a ufo right next to them it was probley clocked, you always manage to find somthing amazing everyday.

  3. There are six of them. You missed one of them. Southeast of Nea Moudania, off the shore. I don't know how to find the coordinates.

  4. Gran trabajo! Sería posible colocar traductor en español? Gracias desde Brasil!

  5. You should get more followers. You definitely deserve that bro! Love your work. Thank you from The Netherlands

  6. Hi have you see of the coast next to this church i am not sure what they are but found these ??
    Ιερό Κάθισμα 5 Μαρτύρων

  7. Id like to point this out.. If anything sinks in 2002 it should be most visible do to it still being new and not covered by said ocean floor or the marine life around it. If it sits there till 2007 2012 year 3000 it would be less visible not more visible do to the ocean floor/sand,organisms growing off it, rise in the sea level. This guy is a dope.

  8. I have no idea what these natural phenomenon's are but certainly not UFO's. more like UUO'S. 3 overlapping each other, the bottom 1 half circular the right side not circular at all.
    Bloody kid brainwashed by Hollywood and looking for fame.

  9. "From around 2002,2001" What do you base that on? Why those dates specifically?
    I am asking since during those years I spent my entire summers in Chalkidiki (the region of land and sea that looks lile three fingers going into the sea, in greek we call them "legs")
    Those two summers were very eventful – catastrophic forest fires, sudden strange storms… And one event that remained with me for ever.

  10. That's not the edge of Greece, the edge of Greece is a few miles off the coast of Turkey. This is the edge of mainland Greece.

  11. I confirm that it's UFOs, I have demolished them one day using a blow pipe weapon made by myself

  12. Hello dear people I live in the nearby area those round things where found by the uploader. We are aware of those long time now… Imo those are either bombs marks from local fishermen that use this illegal way to catch fish or… Dirt that construction boats of near by harbors when they made those harbors and obvious sea weed doesn't going there….

  13. Lol I'm Greek and I live in Thessaloniki, I've been in that sea and there's nothing underneath it.

  14. No it doesn't UFO. It is algae formations. I am from Thessaloniki and in the past, greek press wrote an article about this phenomenon!

  15. Εντάξει εγώ λογικό το βρίσκω να επισκέφθηκαν οι εξωγήινοι την Θεσσαλονίκη, ποιος δεν θα ήθελε να πάει για ένα καφέ στην παραλία και μετά για φαΐ στα λαδαδικα?

  16. Those are UFO's our ancestors use to use for grocery shopping or going to get booze from other parts of the country. Still working though but they are powered by highly refined olive oil.

  17. These are populated areas. How come no one has reported anything? There are thousands of people swimming there every day during the summer months.
    I don't know what they are, but I have my doubts they are UFOs.

  18. I’m from Greece and those are just sand dunes formations just under sea level at 2 meters deep. Facking idiots everywhere 😂

  19. Sorry to break your illusion, but i've seen this in other places, i.e. https://goo.gl/maps/WtkBLb9H6vbqyQds6. These circles can be made when a boat or buoy is anchored in a flat sandy surface, if it is there for enough time it moves around the central point (with wind direction changes) and the chain removes the seaweeds in the parts where it touches the sea bottom creating these circle shapes.

  20. So guys it's a nice opportunity to come and visit Greece. It's the covid safest country so far, 85% undiscovered and you will be amazed by the beauty and the mysteries waiting for you to explore.

  21. Στην περιοχή της Μηχανιώνας, έχει παρατηρηθεί γενικά ότι πέρα από τα βυθισμένα, υπάρχουν και ΠΟΛΛΑ UFO στην επιφάνεια…

  22. I didn't check his nationality but I am 101% sure this ET Data Base is a USAer. 🤣 This iq level……………….

  23. dude there's no way these are alien spacecrafts. they look like a sunken fishing contraption. if you look up OPEN OCEAN AQUACULTURE CAGE, images of contraptions that are below the water come up and they look exactly like this

  24. Ωχ μας βρήκαν. Άντε να αλλάζουμε πάλι πλανήτη. Δεν τις μπορώ τις μετακομίσεις
    Darn, they have found. On to change planets again. I don't like moving. There so many stuff to pack

  25. Hey guys come to Greece to se UFOs we have plenty of them underwater and overwater also.I'm renting rooms in this area for 300€ per night only for YOU.We have nice bitches also

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