Flight crew spots UFO en route to Phoenix

Cockpit audio coming from a plane en route to the Valley from New Mexico sounds like something out of a sci-fi film.

The radio transmission from American Airlines flight 2292 showed up on a blog called “Deep Black Horizon”. The airline confirmed its legitimacy.

Larry Wasserman, astronomer at Lowell Observatory, finds the audio fascinating.


40 Comments on “Flight crew spots UFO en route to Phoenix”

  1. Hooray they are finally here and people are acknowledging there existence…once they realise how awful the human race has become
    Hope I can board one n see the sights of the universe

  2. Why can we put cameras on the planes that cover the top and bottom and the sides….this will show proof that airline pilots are not incompetent but very competent and telling the truth…

  3. Okay um, one, why is the sighting “disturbing”? Why are they instilling fear when we don’t know all of the details? Two, the pilot described a missile. They test missiles in the nearby area. Why is it then immediately defined as a ufo? Three, the more that I think about this, the more stupid it is. Whoever’s reading this, I hope you have a good day. Imma go watch some game grumps now.

  4. If it was a missle, what the hell is the military shooting one near a passenger jet!!! WTF!!!
    They know better, and i do not believe an "accidental misfire" either.

  5. That's not unusual. Such sightings have been reported many times. Hell, even the Pentagon has released footage of 2 separate encounters with unindentified flying objects by US Navy fighters.

  6. I actually saw those lights three days ago around 9:00 pm it was 5 yellow orangish lights that were moving in a straight formation and dimmed out and disappeared one by one within a minute or two no joke I had my dad com out to see the last two before they faded…

  7. Why she gotta say “a disturbing discovery” 🤷🏽‍♂️
    More like Fascinating 🧏🏼‍♂️

  8. Nope. It's just your government experimenting with SECRET TECHNOLOGIES.


    🎯Lol……It will all come out

  9. Yes, and all nutjobs who claim abuction and contact ! You must be kidding ? Or trolling for the deep state who has kept this under wraps for decades long before back engineered craft were possible . Ask former UN Secretry,Cuellar what he saw . Ask Paul Hellyer Defense Dept . Canada. You deniers / trolls would have called anyone crazy 1 year ago if someoe told you a world wide virus would kill millions and all would be locked down , and people would attack the US Capitol. It didnt start with OUR research and developement. It's been there long before you were born . It's nowhwere as simple as you have to convince yourself . go troll somewhere else , you are part of the problem .

  10. We know the pilot can only release so much information I know he doesn't want to say something he shouldn't say what I would like to know was the craft going in the same direction as the as the jetliner or was it going the opposite way or was it going side to side that's what I really want to know

  11. President Harris: "Ah, good. The Air Force is here with those new round planes!"

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