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  1. the same object was filmed a little time after this somewhere in England or Wales, i don't remember. it was on a tv show in Italy.

  2. Oh yeah, sure, it's a weather balloon which reflects the planet Venus light, and the strange glow around the object is produced by marsh gases. Get out! Misidentification with what?

    I've got another video of a similar UFO, I'll upload it soon. Stay tuned 😉

  3. Not extraterrestrial but yes not-man-made, off-world, extramundane, and so forth. I don't understand what really your point is.

    This video have been analyzed, and it's not a fake, the object isn't of human manufacture, and isn't a weird natural phenomenon.

    So WTF is?

    If there's one thing I've learned about ufology is that the evidence is overwhelming… and some are reluctant to take a look on it.

  4. Why can't I arrive to a conclusion? I see the evidence, I think it's compelling, so, I'm able to arrive to a conclusion. If this were clearly a weather balloon and I'd say "It's a weather balloon!" I'm sure you wouldn't use that twisted logic and ask me: "how do you know it's a weather balloon?

    You're right in your last sentence; this is not an example that something is going on, this is a little PART of the plentiful evidence.

  5. Thanks for the correction. However, I don't see the difference between both terms: "swamp gases" and "marsh gases".

  6. I agree, it makes no sense to assume it is an extraterrestrial craft. There is no evidence for it. Just because you don't know what it is doesn't make it extraterrestrial. Just think about it. The only reason that idea comes into your head at all is because all of this stuff about aliens from movies and the like has been ingrained in our minds.

  7. Look for my answer in the video reply:
    "A classic debunker silly answer. You can't explain what it is, but you can distort it. I can fake the moon landing in a Studio, but that does not mean that we've never landed on the Moon.

    Sorry, your twisted logic has been demolished."

  8. There is evidence. It makes no sense to assume it is a terrestrial craft. So what it is? If you want I'll put a video where an UFO moves really fast and then stops suddenly in the air (have you heard about a New Zealand case in 1978?)

    All the stuff about aliens on TV or the movies make people think all about UFOs are fiction, not the other way around. Indeed, it works with you!!!

  9. Seeing a light in the sky on a video is not evidence of extraterrestrials. Like progress1928 said, you are just jumping to conclusions. I'm not saying there aren't aliens. How would I know? I'm saying that this video isn't evidence. If you were to ask me what the light is if it isn't an alien craft, I wouldn't be able to tell you, but at the same time, saying it is an alien craft has no validity

  10. Haha, "you are suffering form some type of delusional state"? Yeah, sure, and you say that to every UFO witness who talks about his encounter. What about the "drunk man" one?

    Come on, I've just put in evidence your silly effort to convince yourself through a psychological exercise (doing a fake and then saying "all it's a fake!").

  11. Why? Really, I didn't get your point. If you study all the phenomenon then you're able to recognize the evidence when you see it.

    As I say before, I don't know if it's an alien craft, but that possibility is the more probable of all considering that the same type of object has been sighted in Close Encounters of the 3rd kind and so forth.

  12. Nice find progress1928, makes perfect sense. It looks almost exactly like the thing in this video and is really one of those balloon things.

  13. "Brightly lit object hovering less than fifty feet above the ground, at its own pace and against the wind.." (witness) Sorry, no illuminated blimp, no balloon.

    The debunker psychological self-convincing exercise made by "Progress1928" is pathetic.

  14. Stay tuned, soon I'll put videos about UFOs moving really fast. Yeah, 'cause Mr. Debunker gets angry when he watches an UFO moving slowly before the eyes of the witnesses, I expect he'll get more angry when the UFOs move and make out-of-this-world accelerations.

    By the way, I've got a little video about the analysis of this UFO sighting. So, prepare for a debunker deception.

  15. Yeah, anyone can see you're using sophisms and not arguments. Please, attack my person, it's the only thing you can do 😉 I'm still laughing with that joke you've made about illuminated blimps, it's funniest (or stupidest) than the Mogul government joke in the Roswell Case.

  16. My wife and I watched a UFO exactly like this one on July 1, 2000, 8PM in New Jersey in a rural area by a lake. It glowed, moved slowly at tree top level, made no sound and was large, 500ft dia. We were closer, about 700ft away and could see its outline and detail very clearly. There was no mistaking what it was. Entire UFO glowed like a white florescent bulb. Noticed something unique – a few feet just beneath it was a bright random twinkling. Never heard any other UFO reports describe that.

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