Former British Government UFO Investigator Nick Pope Interview 2021

Former British Government UFO Investigator Nick Pope Interview

Nick Pope is a journalist who used to work for the British Ministry of Defense investigating UFO phenomena to determine if they had any defense significance.

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  1. Great interview, Hannibal TV. Interesting sighting in Hawaii recently. Blue object that was seen descending into the sea.

  2. Fascinating stuff. Your recent UFO coverage and interviews have been excellent. Hope there's more of that to come!

  3. So what if it's an undersea civilization? Or machines that aliens or a former civilization left behind that are just acting the way they are programmed. There was that thing that shut down nukes in the middle of a test or something like that. What if its remnants of a former civilizations defense system? You can't talk to that, as such. In the videos I saw of the US Navy engagement, they looked like holographic tech of some sort. It would be a lot easier to get machinery across space then it would living beings.

  4. Hi Mr,
    I would like to tell you a big secret, about the ET and their Space Craft / Flying Saucers.
    The earth will colapse when its time, could be because of the thread of a planet orbiting close to the earth.
    And without alert, before that the 2 witness will arrive and show off with their flying saucer to all humans in the entire world, and take them who still have fate, they are the ET / Aliens.
    It could be a thread for the world who don't know nothing.
    The first chance is the Ark of Noah
    The second chance is The UFO!

  5. I was watching an old joe Rogan interview of Bob lizar last night and what really caught my attention to detail was what lizar said about the craft turning side ways like belly forward to move, and it reminded me of these new videos the USAF released and the craft tic tac thing moves in exactly the same way as he described in one of his original interviews and this joe Rogan interview that they were trying to catch him out on thing's but it's the attention to detail on the eay he said the craft moved is exactly what's shown in these video captures! But he did say they were ours reversed engendered from a craft so when you take that to these new video's on them the way they move when they go forward it's not really a common thing you would think of a ufo moving so it's interesting to say the least

  6. I think there is so much jargon…but I think I've proven the UFO are human…and the basis for hover cars and flotation into space based on acoustic interpretation of flight methods…

    But if the real intelligence community know how to build anti gravity methods why is Musk still using a rocket?

  7. It's just a shame that the USA doesn't declassify Roswell, and JFK. The UK should declassify all of UK sightings. I KNOW mine went to both MOD, Heathrow Airport management, local & national papers, as so many pilots saw the same as I did, WHY hide behind falsehoods?

  8. If the UFOs were aggressive I am sure humans would have been eliminated by now. Maybe like us they are curious about possible life forms on other planets, and found us sadly lacking

  9. Talking about other planets…galaxies, civilizations…..suddenly look at countries, nations, borders sounds quite primitive!🤔

  10. From what I understand, the ET’s are very concerned with the humans’ violent, hostile nature and weapons of mass destruction. They have been observing us for millennia. Their civilizations and technologies are extremely advanced, light years ahead of Earth.

  11. I love Nick Pope .I saw one of his public talks a few years ago .. it was really well presented and really interesting. he also wrote a great book on the Rendlesham Forest Incident

  12. I say all this because Dr. David Clarke has again suggested that Nick Pope, sometimes described as Britain’s Fox Mulder (because the news media loves to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator) didn’t investigate anything officially. Clarke told Martin Willis, during Willis’ recent podcast, “There was a UFO desk when he was an incumbent for three years but he was just one of dozens of people who did that task and he didn’t actually investigate anything.”

    Clarke went on to say that Nick Pope merely received the reports and that he then filed them. The people responsible for the investigations was the Defence Intelligence Staff, DISS. It was their job to conduct the UFO investigations that were believed to have some sort of military significance.

    Clarke said, “I’ve interviewed most of the people who worked on this subject in DISS at that time and they tell me ‘well, Nick Pope didn’t have any involvement in this. We did the investigations, we didn’t share information with them because we didn’t trust them.” He meant that the civilian servants tended to leak information into the public arena which is why they didn’t trust them.

  13. Nick pope is full of shit, he as never divulged anything and he as never proven he was a ufo investigator, he could be cashing in on the ufo subject like i suspect john lear and steven greer amongst others have done, he only ever speculates on anything like anyone does, he knows nothing

  14. Hannibal you are on it, great job. The more we learn the crazier it gets. UFO's and their races, live here on earth,
    and are babysitting the human ignorance and arrogance. It is the onus upon mankind to promulgate the axiom of the mean. Check out Dr. Chuck Missler. Peace.

  15. Believers do need a single case to be right, yes, but it being single renders witnesses unreliable. That's the trick they ve been maintaining since the 60s.

  16. kidnapping you out of your bed in the middle of the night in a locked house and screwing with your mind ? I'd say that's pretty fucking hostile, don't you?

  17. and what about all the folks who don't get returned after they're kidnapped? the missing 411 ?
    were they used like a cattle mutilation?

  18. The current year is 2021. This whole ufo stuff has been recorded and reported for decades if not longer. Should they b a threat it would've happened by now. There's been various types of crafts and beings described, my view is that they r from different civilisations.
    Question. Why would aliens wish to establish civilisation wide contact with humanity? We r actually nothing special. And I'd imagine we r totally of no threat. At best we would for now b a mere curiosity.
    But I do believe there r other civilisations out there. They r way more technologically superior. Some may already b among us. Is there already secret pacts with aliens by governments etc?! Well, who knows?
    What we don't know we tend to fear.
    It's suggested AI breakthrough is just around the corner as is warp propulsion technology…. It will happen. And likely to do so within say next 15-20 years.

  19. Particularly I dont like much this Nick Pope, seems tô me that he is more a disinformant than a guy who really know what is going on. He Always let a doubt about what is the ufos. Meanwile many other trustfull people are saying ufos are out of this Earth. He stood in the last century with the United Kingdon secrets and kings, but now is other times. He has fear of admiting or is a play for him? Obviously we are being "visited" for being and aircrafts out of our world, either interdimensional ou extra terrrstrial in nature. I have seen with my brother with binoculars 5 ships like cilinders here in Brasil above the ocean, each one had 3 iluminated Windows and how they move Im pretty sure are not human but guided for inteligent beings, indee much more than us. Só after you see something like that with another person you NEVER more have doubt about ir. Im an amateur astronomer and thecnology resesrcher but I didnt need any of that tô know that was not human, is kind of intuitive realize that.

  20. Hannibal, you’ve had Travis Walton, and Nick Pope. How about interviewing Charles Hall who revealed what the USA Government knows about the Tall Alien Whites! Incredible information!

  21. I think Nick Pope is gullible. (or did he just say we should sit up and pay attention when Paul and others start talking? 44:44. He drops a lot of names in this interview, so pay attention folks!) Personally, I think Paul Hellyer is correct (Cabal and their past and future plans) SEE Hannibal's FULL interview of Paul Hellyer

  22. If you go on Mufon UFO live map… according to peoples accounts it happens everyday all over the world! now something's going on and has been going on for a long time? I know personally they are real… seen TWO in my life that were very strange and other worldly… watched one take off into space out in the universe! and it kept going! oh and before that it very quickly went star to star to star in a triangle pattern before heading on out beyond the void of space…

  23. Great questions. A lot of his answers are suspect. He's on the government payroll don't forget and has been coached. I'll tell you right now the cattle mutilations are the aliens studying the cows to see what kind of chemicals have been put in them that we are eating

  24. Of course the government only tells us stuff slowly over decades. Look how nuts we go hoarding toilet paper. Humans are maniacs. Aliens watch us like a reality show. Its called ,"Look at What The Morons Are Up To Today"

  25. Ummmm wait what? Pope was a junior desk officer when he was there. There was no ufo investigation unit at the mod 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Dude came with great questions. One of the best constructed interviews I’ve ever seen on any topics as far as knowing his shit and questions asked. Very very well done

  27. 0:00 Opening
    0:41 His role in UFO’s (MoD)
    2:07 His interest in UFO’s
    4:05 Russian “documents/Alien incident/divers”
    7:25 People dismissing UFO/UFO being terrestrial/phenomenon being global
    9:58 Declassified videos by DoD/why are the videos being declassified now
    13:09 People on “to the star academy” and why some people left
    15:20 Intelligence authorization act/report
    19:05 Harvard professor claims of Alien Tech visiting the Solar system
    21:55 Stephen Hawkins and signals
    23:54 Their intention and capability
    27:15 Nick Pope on Steven M. Greenr
    30:00 Radiation with UFOs/military encounters/the terminology of UAP
    33:50 The case in Canada on UFO/technical papers
    36:48 Nuclear weapons/Robert Hastings
    40:35 Galactic Federation/Israeli
    43:42 Former CIA John Brennan
    45:55 UK 5 star Admiral (CDS) Lord Hill Norton
    48:40 UFO/UAP leak Photos (part 1)
    50:34 The Debrief on extraterrestrial hypothesis and UFO/UAP leak Photos (part 2)
    54:42 UFO’s relationship with water
    57:30 Alternative theories on UFO/UAP
    59:17 Cattle mutilations and UFO’s
    1:01:48 Nick Pope and how to follow him (
    1:02:35 Closing message
    1:04:40 Video ends (lol)

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