Former NASA Astronaut on UFO investigation – Fox News – Jun 06, 2021 | @SECRET SPACE TUBE

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Former NASA Astronaut on UFO investigation – Fox News – Jun 06, 2021 | @SECRET SPACE TUBE

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6 Comments on “Former NASA Astronaut on UFO investigation – Fox News – Jun 06, 2021 | @SECRET SPACE TUBE”

  1. UAP is smoke and mirrors obfuscation. The US military knows exactly who is piloting these craft because we have written treaties and agreements with some of them. They are extraterrestrials. Also, there is no "CLIMATE CHANGE" of any significance caused by man. There is no greenhouse gas effect. This is proven by the fact that we can accurately predict the long term average baseline surface temperature of any planet or moon in our solar system by knowing just two strategic facts: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure. The force of gravity on atmospheric mass creates a heating effect that keeps planets warm. There is no greenhouse gas effect involved. Carbon dioxide is essential plant food, not a pollutant, and it has no influence on temperature one way or the other. Cow farts and Volkswagens do not cause hurricanes. Climate change is a horrific suicidal religion, not science. We are made of carbon and eat food made of carbon and live in homes made of carbon. We are carbon creatures fighting carbon which is proof society as a whole has gone insane. The majority of people in the world do not question authority, and global authority is lying to us every day about climate science and flying saucers, flying triangles, cylinders, and spheres. The media is the propaganda machine for Orwellian authority. Climate Change is run by the MINISTRY OF FEAR, otherwise known as the IPCC. America's media is as bad as the media in China or Russia.

  2. Had to get the climate change line in there somehow didn't they?! I think it's way past denial at this point. The so called genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back in. First off, they have already said, it's not ours…….so unless they are lying again, it's not ours. 2nd — It's not China and it's not Russia. They are both extremely behind the US current technology….. The US outspends both countries combined in their budgets….so I think it highly unlikely that either country jumped 100 years ahead of the USA in their technology. Also, if somehow they did have that technology, they would absolutely show the world they had it by showing it off and most likely using it to advance their goals. If China had tic tac craft that could do everything we see, they would already own Taiwan…. no doubt about it. The US would be powerless to stop them because Nukes are no threat to China since they have enough Nukes themselves to end the world. In my opinion, everyone is dancing around and jibbering on about other countries possible tech when they KNOW it's not possible. If ANY country has this tech it's going to be the US…….and like I said, unless they are lying, they said it's not ours. That leaves 1 answer….. It's either off world tech or PERHAPS it's from Earth but from a place we don't quite yet understand– like inner earth, or below the oceans….. or something like that. It's time to get the monkey off their backs and give the American people a answer that is truth and honesty… 70 years of lies is enough!

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