Former pentagon official discusses UFO sightings in Canada and the United States

Joy Malbon speaks with former Pentagon official Chris Mellon about sightings of unidentified flying objects, including some in Canada.

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26 Comments on “Former pentagon official discusses UFO sightings in Canada and the United States”

  1. For years they kept saying every one was crazy who said they saw a UFO and now they are admitting there are UFO'S? Why the sudden change? Do they know some thing don't want the public to know about?

  2. UFO operators probably think it's weird that we have all these machines of war but can't make it past the moon like "Why are they fighting each other?"

  3. Richard Dolan is one of the best ufologists and geopolitical historians in the business.

  4. You are witnessing a change in paradigm in the making. As far as I'm concerned this guys are heroes.

  5. they need to stop trying to paint this as espionage by our foreign enemies anyone with eyes can see that theres no way a human is piloting these crafts

  6. i think christopher mellon is talking about steven meclilck i think thats his name he lived in canada and witnessed a ufo and drew it and even touched it and as it was lifting off he was standing so near to it he got hit by a design of holls on the side of the craft which produced radiation type burns on his chest,he playfully called it his buttons,he suffered from that radiation burns for some time his son i saw on unsolved mysteries said it would be great if the USis behind some secret technology they should come forward and apologise to the family about the incident,but he said what would be worse would have this thing dragged on where its not explained,i think the truth on this topic has to come out,theres more going on in the cosmos than we believe

  7. Is mellon saying he has seen crazy exotic crafts based on classified data?? Even more convincing than what we've seen in the public???

  8. Curious to see if Trudeau tries to place a carbon tax on these extraterrestials for using all that oil to get here from their planet

  9. In the case of Cmdr Fravor the occupants of the tic tac demonstrated that they monitored and understood our communications by knowing and responding to the location that the Hornets were going to meet to begin their training exercises. Maybe they should attempt to communicate by radio with the uap when they come in contact with them. If they can monitor and understand our communications they might very well have the ability to answer.

  10. The Majestic 12 knows all about these sightings. They're the ones that cover up and made contact with them.

  11. I love how no one mentions the fact that these craft have jammed the radars of our FA-18 hornets on several occasions.

  12. Considering the fact that we have intel gathering satellites in orbit, did any of them see the objects looking down from space at the carrier group or ships involved?
    Could NORAD see and track an unknown spacecraft entering our atmosphere?
    If they aren't from here then how are they getting here unseen?

  13. This is insane. This is a soft disclosure. Take away is aliens are real, or we're about to see several decades worth of technological development showcased in WW3.

  14. I have a hard time taking this guy seriously as he was supposed to be on the intelligence committees at the same time that witness after witness (including and coordinated by Dr. Stephen Greer) was testifying in front of congress.

  15. If you believe the universe is a simulation, perhaps these are the system administrators checking on things.

  16. I cant believe all this ufo talk because our military filmed birds and passed them off as ufo's. Everyone knows that recording using night vision distorts objects. Makes birds look like blobs that are passed off as ufos. I find that hilarious.

  17. Why do thoseso called « expert «  keep refering to those radar blips as vehicle ? They just donot

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