Former UFO Task Force Member Says Pentagon Hid Alien Truths

People have been claiming to spot UFOs for over 70 years. Most sightings have been debunked, but Luiz Elizondo, a former member of a secret Pentagon task force on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, says the government has been covering up the truth until now. In 2004, U.S. Navy pilots were sent to pursue a UFO spotted on radar about 100 miles off the coast of San Diego. It was about the size of a fighter plane and traveling at many times the speed of sound.


34 Comments on “Former UFO Task Force Member Says Pentagon Hid Alien Truths”

  1. When those mofo Aliens finally gonna land in a busy city so we as a humanity can move towards the next chapter. For years people have been laughed at, who is now laughing eh?

  2. UFOs or more accurately UAPs (not objects) do not signify "aliens". They have been here longer than us.

  3. I have been wondering since the 1980’s when they will finally come out. So Now they came out. Time to go on living our lives.

  4. I want to see the alien's faces when we tell them that most people on earth believe that a carpenter from Nazareth is the god of all cration.

  5. I do hope they come soon to kill all the weak and blow this god forgoted land no atoms

  6. can we just handle this stuff in like 50 years i mean we kinda already have our hands tied with a pandemic

  7. Expect “Everyone” will be talking about aliens in the next weeks. To have a context PLEASE watch the opinion of the respected UFO specialist Dr. Steven Greer /watch?v=en0GsxgwMmA

  8. Why this is news all of sudden? We all knew this is truth all alone. This would have only convinced Tiktokers

  9. It's great he accuses Pentagon of hiding truth about UFO but he was the director in charge there who hid the truth. Hypocrite…liar

  10. These UFO`s have flight characteristics that isnt in the military arsenal – no flight controls to speak of, no evidence of propulsion but can out maneuver, out pace, out turn anything that the military has, they can be silent, be invisible, can interfere with earth based craft and more – a whole lot more – technology that even the experts say is anything between 100 -1000 years ahead of anything they currently have in their inventory, if these things/ pilots wanted to do damage, they could of – EASILY – but havnt, seems they want to be seen, want to be tracked and have come in peace (I would like to think) and have been around for some time – And after all this time, all these years, after all the effort the Pentagon went into debunking, ridicluling and laughing at people who even dared to question their existence, why let these vids out NOW and actually talk about them – Why NOW.
    Why NOW?.

  11. I can almost see it now, tensions in the south China Sea going to breaking point, the U.S, Australia, Britain, nations from the E.U, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India all with weapons of mass destruction with warships, aircraft carriers all with the latest technology pointed at China, with China ready, finger on the trigger with Nuclear weapons on the table, ready to use and raring to go – with the likelihood of the biggest battles NOT seen in the area since WW2 – THEN THE ALIENS SHOW UP…….

  12. just, and if they edited the video? i mean everytime something out of the ordianry happens in this world, people say its edited or false or whatever, but when something that the governement filmes and posts, people believe it without questionning..

  13. it's was hypocritical to think their wasn't any other intelligent life form out there other than us.

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