Former worker of Area 51 Talks about the Extraterrestrials, Stargate and the Cube of Orion

Dan Burisch, born in California in 1964, studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and did a Ph.D. in microbiology in 1989 in the state of New York.

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50 Comments on “Former worker of Area 51 Talks about the Extraterrestrials, Stargate and the Cube of Orion”

  1. 1989 he graduted. Then you repeat later on in 1989 that he was receiving samples and was offered a top secret. Job watta confused 🤷‍♂️ 0:001:30 listen 👂 carefully just makes me wonder if you telling the truth …

  2. Our government looks at us as an ant they would smash us if it benefits them we All need to stand together and fight if they want to destroy us. That’s why they want us divided. Together we stand divided we Fall.

  3. Hay Guys; when are you going to learn, that the aliens are wreal physical beings. They are extremely advanced from our own technology. The aliens are the Angels from the Bible times. Do not harm them, as they will retaliate, if you harm them.

  4. Thanks for that new knowledge…very I still say why earth,have all other forms of life become spiritual being and not living in their body in the present time is,this is what I'm feeling and wondering if the spirits are not able to be in the tangible life…just a feeling or intuition…?what can be done to avoid a power struggle,that is useally what causes a final confrontation…

  5. To say we are the only intelligent species is like say there is only one tipe of fish in the sea The universe is endless the truth is out there try looking up are history is not what we no open your mind find the truth as information and knowledge is power

  6. The voice, literally causes pain to listen to this video.
    Of course, that just gets my conspiracy mind a ticking. 😉

  7. This is an excellent example of dis-information! Theses GREY'S at Dulce NM are NO friends of ours. After the cleanse in 2022 everything will change. We shall join the Federation of Planets if the people are ready! 🤖😎

  8. They instead of having secret meetings with…..some president of U.s…could just hack all systems/YouTube/Netflix/bbc? and give us their good technology…or curing cancer…etc…forget politicians…have they not learned anything yet???probably they are more naiv than we are ..

  9. This video is BS. The earth is A fish bowl, there is no planet's and there are no ALIENS. Area 51 is a secret place use by Gov for a lots of experiments. STOP SPREADING LIES .watch the flat earth channel. Watch Doreen Doten what she have to say .Do your research peoples. WAKE UP ….

  10. There's a lot of life out there in the universe and can call it extraterrestrial or aliens our planet Earth has been visited four thousands of years or more either everyone accept it or not that simple.

  11. We are not robot's ! I would watch this channel if it wasn't so AI (Anal Infected ) But why would you listen to a living breathing bleeding sentent being ?

  12. Seen many of his videos. Dan Burisch was a real scientist, but something happened to him. And he became a fraud and a diservice to the real investigators and whistleblowers.

  13. My uncles and cousin are masons and Orion is a big deal…the constellation of Orion was painted on a ceiling inside a top floor room in an abandoned masonic lodge building…the light fitting was globes representing orions belt hanging from centre of ceiling…they know something of this!

  14. I came to see if the bullshit i smelled was comeing from here. Yep, the bullshit is comeing frome here. Nice story though.

  15. Way was isis on star ship (International security intelligence services) just an analysis and anagram.

  16. To be honest I don't know what to believe anymore, with all kinda of information going around these day

  17. It wasn't a nuclear catastrophe that caused their mass death. It was a solar flare from the sun which when combined with the immense energy that the stargates had, caused a geophysical shift in the Earth's rotation.

  18. Oh, like some people dont go to pharmacy these days , but choose to get a root in the mountains . call it wat ever u want. A human thing to do.

  19. Star gates more successful than universal travel,many types of alien teleportation roled into one teleportation device

  20. 5:55 When the narrator says, "This device is also known as Looking Glass," is she referring to the Orion Cube or to stargates or . . . ?

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