Fort Irwin and Inscription Canyon in the Mojave Desert

UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey, head to an area north of Barstow, California, to uncover some of the hidden secrets deep in the Mojave Desert. See the amazing Inscription Canyon Petroglyphs, Cuddeback Dry Lake, and also a unique look around Fort Irwin, the US Army’s National Training Center. Let’s see what’s out there!

Some Music by Robert Holm.

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35 Comments on “Fort Irwin and Inscription Canyon in the Mojave Desert”

  1. When do I get to ride along ? Episode in Monterey? Maybe? Clear nights are best but in the fog after signaling with my cars head lights a huge triangle appeared in front of the marine layer. Which I only caught the tail end of from my balcony tonite for about a minute . But no way to film it this time.. oh well tomorrow is another day.. peace Christo👽✌️

  2. You guys are sweet, really, love the quality vids of your beautiful country and the atmosphere that you create with the smatterings of information and I wish you the best of luck… reall a beautiful couple and we all I guess hope you find what you are looking for….

  3. That C-130 looks like its been made into a drone. The front of the plane looks different as it shouldn't look like the front of an A-10. The wings shouldn't have such an aggressive rear wing angle going from wing tip to fuselage. The underbelly has some anomalies as well. I'm thinking it's a new UAV transport/cargo type of craft. Great find!

  4. Why don’t you have a four wheel drive and stronger binoculars? You put so much effort into your searches but don’t have better equipment. Also, what are the Monterey lights? Thanks

  5. Is your vehicle a 4×4?If not you should be real careful pottering around these deserted place in case you get stuck.Carry extra supplies and get a Toyota LC.

  6. I worked at ft Irwin for years my wife and most people I know have or still work there its a training center for the army and air force

  7. As a UFO geek who has spent several rotations at N.T.C in my Army time; I am sorry to say never saw anything except a lot of sand.. White Sands Missile range is much cooler!!

  8. I want to SHAIR a true story never told know body i grew up in the bay area California when I was about 13 years old I started have dreams about 1 week later the dream I had would happen I never told knowbody.then around 16 year s old I started hearing people's thoughts AMOUNG other things never told knobody I thought I was crazy when I was 18 me and my half brother jumped in his car going to Oakland army base we were talking then all a sudden it seemed he was frozen I look out the front window nothing around then I look out the passenger window nothing around I REMBER stepping out the door then I realized I'm standing on sand nothing on but my pants turning around SEVERIAL TIMES looking nothing around at all but the sand I was standing on i think I walked about 20 feet looking around again nothing at all I look down looked up a phone booth where it came from don't know I grabbed the phone somewon said hello I said I don't know where I'm at but need help about 10 minutes a ambulance pulled up behind me where the ambulance come from don't know thay put me in the ambulance I guess I fell asleep next thing I REMBER I was in a hospital mental ward in Bakersfield California thay told me I was in mohovie desert looking for a job well that's close to 500 miles away how I got there in 30 minets don't know but impossible thay kept me in the mental award fore a while how I got there don't know what happened don't know but this is TRUE now about 2 years ago I started seeing things again I even seen a ufo about 300 feet from me at around 5:30pm know body else that was around saw nothing at all but me I even have some reail pictures that you might be interested in but I'm missing 2 pictures

  9. You think Cali has UFOs the most interesting part of this place is finding a stable life before the rent gets raised

  10. Starting to see strange things in the sky in the Portland metro area in Oregon. Sometimes it gives me chills.

  11. That canyon river bed, used to get full of water back in the day, and the Chemehuevi tribe would get there water from the canyon and the picturglifs were a way to give thanks to mother nature. Now its all on government land and is now being taken care of, and off limits..

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