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  1. Forget O’Hara airport, listen to what Leslie Kean has to say about the contact in lower Manhattan, see the video of her inviting me to speak publicly about it….read “ The Day Manhattan Stood Still “, see it on my Facebook page.

  2. Our website curates blogs from ufologists and others… http://ufologyprss.com Explaining the inexplicable is often left to those ill-equipped to do so. Are there those who might be able to offer some explanation? Perhaps, but most or all are not given opportunity except through niche podcasts or websites. Ruth Montgomery wrote in Strangers Among Us that the most common UFO 'contactee' experience in the MidWest in the late 50s and early 60s was an orange cigar-shaped cloud. Many like her aren't taken seriously. Delores Cannon interviewed many non-human intelligences in her work as well. Still, the focus seems to be on the physical phenomena, not those who may be occupying the craft. The way we treat each other may be an indicator of why they haven't opened up the communication lines… we're unable or unwilling to learn how to get along on Earth. Why would any civilization want to engage such a barbaric society led by those who shoot first and ask questions later?

  3. Vimanas from ancient India. Nazis UFOs from Vrill society, which had some members infiltrated inside North American corporate gov. Can be out space tech, but I believe that this was already reproduced by humans inside the deep military-industrial complex. That's why nothing has been done about it, if this tech became public we can say goodbye to oil and Rothschild Zionism Central Banks domination system.

  4. If they are not going to seriously investigate THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP THEY HAD FOR 9 MONTHS—WHY WOULD ANYONE IN GOVERNMENT TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT UFOs ???????????????????

  5. Everyone can see the infrared ufo's… just get a Yukon Ranger night vision camera and just aim anywhere… you'll be surprised how quickly you'll find anomalous orb-lights zipping around the sky, hovering, zig-zagging. You can compare to insects, bats and birds and it's quite obvious that there on TONS of these small and fast balls of light – glowing in the infrared – that we can see terrestrially and in-orbit via ISS and Space Shuttle videos.. etc. He are the best clips that I myself have captured made into a mock movie trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U-oK1iTTo0 .

    My broader point being: We DO NOT need the military peeps to tell us what's out there. We can see for ourselves. Just as we don't need to wait for NASA to let us know that THEY know about definite life on Mars. Anyone can see the evidence in the southern polar regions where there's a lot of organic formations that can be seen.

  6. Everyone will be surprised when they find out the UFO and machines we have come from a civilization that lives under our oceans.

  7. To show interest is a ploy to give the illusion that they aren't interested, that they are bogus, reduces public alarm and broadcasts the general impression that we got everything under control; while covertly studying them and possibly hiding information about either a) downed crafts, b) alien agenda's, and c) secret programs by either American military operations or covert foreign one's.

  8. "if you want to find out who controls you, figure out who you're not allowed to discuss or criticize"😁🤔🤔

  9. The FAA doesn’t investigate because they know exactly what they are, they don’t want to admit they are not of this world.

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