44 Comments on “Fox News Covers a UFO Sighting in New Jersey 2009.”

  1. I doubt that aliens would waste their time visiting us, even if they would why don't they just land on the front lawn of the white house. I'm not saying that I'm 100% sure, but there isn't any real evidence other than some videos of lights in the sky, there isn't one spacecraft or even any piece of one.

  2. This is not the first time our government or whatever has tested these aircraft in NJ. When I was young I watched with other witnesses an even more extraordinary sighting. It looked very similar to the popular Enterprise. The craft had a glow to it. and it moved slowly over Essex county till it drifted off into the distance. It even had letters US something…I was really skeptical about alot of things till then. "Intelligent people" are definitely hiding something.

  3. Just heard that on Dec. 27th there will be a landing of these objects at a football game in Orlando Fl…after looking at the football schedules, it appears that the Citrus Bowl will have a game on Dec. 27th…so what am I to believe?

  4. Yea I agree with you windtalker07, there must be some reason why god made other planets. Also other other universe's too. So yea i beleive in aliens. My dad said when he was a kid, there was this weird object above him, I mean it was very close like he saw the whole thing or should I say above his apartment. Then airplanes and helicopters came then it just dissapeared, not sure if it's true but just wanted to tell you guys.

  5. Who knows what it was, I am definately opened to the possibilities, I just wished that if it is UFO's that our government would be honest with us and STOP treating us like children, I think we deserve to know the truth. I think it would be cool to know that we are not alone in this vast universe, I just pray they aren't cruel and evil, to much of that going on now on this planet.

  6. Makes you wonder/think. YouTube –
    Peter Joseph: "Where are we going?" Nov. 15th '09 [Part 1 of 4]
    Peter Joseph: "Where are we going?" Nov. 15th '09 | 2/2
    The Venus Project Lecture City University of London Pt 01

  7. Strange but interesting YouTube – Norway spiral. Also very strange YouTube – Obama Akhenaton.
    Interesting movie YouTube – Collapse the movie

  8. @demmylowther I know it's hard to wrap your peanut sized brain around something bigger than the little bubble you live in. Its ok, that's just how you were born. Of course everyone wants to make money but at the same time all of the Disclosure/UFO/Alien information is FREE on the internet and many other places.

  9. haha why would UFO's remind anyone of the movie war of the worlds? I don't recall the movie having any UFOs, maybe a few unidentified walking fog horns.

  10. Ballons??? I understand that we must take all possible events into consideration,but don't feed me the balloon theory. Ok….. 1 more time… ballons and flares do not maintain a consistant,symetrical pattern over long periods of time…

  11. what are these sundogs? There are 3 suddenly appearing in a video at Atlantic City I posted here called Hardcore Chemtrail Haters Only! It;s also on my channel filmed on Nov 3 2010

  12. Always the same answeres, a hellium ballooon, flares etc. You would think by this time now they would inform us thru our local news "in the next couple days you may see bright white lights that look in perfect formation but it's only hellium balloons with flares attached or weather ballons." That would help every1 and than we will not have reporters like her gives us the new with such sarcasma.

  13. @whatverrrr2 LOL its not a claim ya moron, theres an actual video of them doing it


  14. @whatverrrr2 And you obviously confused me with your other idiot friend who agreed with you… Well I'm glad I'm the one who has the better attention span.. Plus, the video shows that balloons can still float in the air WITH flares attached to them, regardless if it's the real video or not.

  15. There is a pilot episode of a Sci-fi channel show called UFO hunters (no not the history channel one)that talks about the Carteret UFO, in the episode they find f.a.a. radar records of "unknown" objects that make maneuvers that would kill a human and can not be natural.

    People will always fear the unknown truth…but it is out there

  16. LOL, these WERE flares hanging from balloons. The guys who created them have a video showing them launching the balloons.

  17. oh bullshit they were if its too high to be a tower its too high for balloons, im sick of you 'men in black' silencing the truth! YOUR the real conspirator here!

  18. On jan 12,1975 at 2am in hudson park, a ufo looking like a pancake landed right on the baseball diamond…and according to a mr.borski, 10-occupants got out with uniforms on and proceeded to pickup dirt samples they were about 4-5 feet tall….the doorman in the apartment building saw them also….when the object took off it broke windows in the building known as stonehenge

  19. Ive seen ufos during day in PA,and at night in NJ.the one at night changed from green to blue.during the day 1object splits into 2.at least thats what it looked like.i suppose one may have been directly behind the other.still,it happens in a split second.see for yourself

  20. Flares from a balloon? I think not. I live by the bay here in New Jersey and i saw these hovering fireballs. It was February 3pm ish and plenty of witnesses. I don't think balloons can disappear and reappear.

  21. Of course it's a UFO….if you can't identify what it is…it's an unidentified flying object…jeebus people

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