28 Comments on “FOX NEWS – HUGE UFO”

  1. the military knows like come on they have radars cams people outside if they didn't know there would be helicopter and tanks or jets flying around or it could be that harp with the holograms.

  2. She said " could this be a ufo" lmaoo It is a U.F.O (unidentified flying object) 😅 but could it be an alien Is the question

  3. This is an old hoax created by Secureteam 10. Check out a video called "Hoaxers, Where Are You Going With This?".

  4. It could more likely be a blue beam test. Basically a projection. That technology already exists and its from here on earth. Anyone who has been to Disney lately knows what I'm referring to.

  5. People like him in a disaster won't make it 5 minutes' O lying ass where is no damn military aircraft like that I'm positive

  6. What ILLEGAL ACTIONS have been forced in there state by MOLES INTRUDERS IMPOSTOR'S as well there's only one reason why there showing up I know what to do any attempt to fire upon these UFO'S fare warning I know AEROSPACE engineers there is other AEROSPACE UFO'S with NUCLEAR ARTILLERY laser blasters I will call them fare warning don't fire upon the AEROSPACE UFO'S

  7. I gave warning no more games you all fire upon these UFO'S I APOLLO LUNAR LANDING LITTLE BUDDY LITTLE GUY give those UFOs fill clearance to fire back a use lethal force

  8. All UFO'S if these grounds of USA fire upon you I Little Buddy Little Guy give full clearances for UFOs to use lethal force and lethal WEAPONS live ammunition no lie

  9. If aliens are real they will have black green brown skin color because of their sun ! Most Star's are bigger than the sun 👾👽🚀🛫🛬🛫

  10. why in this day and age are we still speculating?? We have enough sattelites up there to find a ball in someones backyard from space but shit like this has no clearer footage? Arent we sick of being lied to over and over? I want answers

  11. Does anyone here know the correlation between Dayton and alien attacks in the Expeditionary Force:Homefront audio drama by Craig Alanson!?

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