Fox News Pushes Trump on Captured UFO’s and Secret Program

President Trump is asked by Fox News about the newly released report that The Department of Defense is actively researching UFOs. We also hear from Phenomenon movie director James Fox and Senator Harry Reid on this explosive issue.

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43 Comments on “Fox News Pushes Trump on Captured UFO’s and Secret Program”

  1. Earth may be a cosmic nature center of sorts, a park, if you will. We earthlings are the park inhabitants, and the so-called aliens are the park keepers, or rangers. Hopefully they won’t open a hunting season in this park

  2. "On a lighter note, my best friend was murdered by having a telephone cord wrapped around her neck…" Duh!!! "Are we alone in the universe?", is one of the biggest questions about our universe – ever! The other equally important is; "Is there life after death". I say yes to both and have experienced evidence of both!

  3. When a President gets in office, he may intend to do something, might find out or might not, but is told to hush.

  4. Seems unlikely that a space faring species would travel through time and space. and somehow accidentally crash somewhere on earth.

  5. Thank you for commenting on the pathetic way in which UFO reports are treated in the media! It IS a national security issue, an air safety issue and an environmental issue. We have no clue what they are doing. We certainly should have some clue and yes, it impacts everyone on the globe. Thank you for NOT playing the theme for the X files, making any ridiculous comments and jokes and taking this topic seriously as it should be!

  6. Agreed. Fox is a joke of a "news" network but props to them on the UFO front. They are one of the very few networks who treat the UFO topic with the seriousness it deserves.

  7. The overly long pauses between your sentences makes the viewer uncomfortable and want to leave. I bet the analytics will say the majority of your videos get exited long before the full duration. You can easily edit out a full minute of this video with jump cut editing.

  8. Harry Reid's right.! Most of the information on UAPs or UFOs hasn't seen the light of day.
    I myself was Abducted by E.Ts in July of 2020. I still have to work, I would love to come forward with my story but who's gonna hire me after that.!? I'm Ex- military myself. There's alot I'm not telling you. What is needed is a global database with the names of everyone who even thinks they've been Abducted by E.Ts. That would give everyone a better understanding of the magnitude of this subject. I'm probably one of 100s of Thousands of people that can't come forward because they need to stay employed. If the United States would offer financial help with the Abductees they find to be the most CREDIBLE. Then our Government can kill 2 birds with one stone. I would love to tell my COMPLETE story. The United States Government needs to give this some thought. I tried to tell PRESIDENT Trump but I guess he's too busy to listen to his own VOTERS. If the United States Government wanted to get ahold of me they would have already done it, I believe.

  9. Govts and members have been admitting and revealing this issue for YEARS. TRUTH Kennedy,, Carter, Ford, Regan, Bush Jr, maybe sr, Obama, Clinton have all tried to address the issue, Other Govts, are OPEN, the issue is CENTURIES old, it is just that we can document better today. ALL ranges of professionals have both witnessed and often proof, ie, radar, film, multi reports, We have to force the Senate and our govt into disclosure. SOMEONE wants to hide it, hence the planned ridicule, and the phrase "swamp gas" (coined in one of the Michigan investigations) When it is disclosed we can start digging into the "great secret" groups whatever their names who have tried for so long to hide it all.

  10. No doubt that UFO's are a serious matter – only wish that Fox News would report similarly on other topics, and truthfully.

  11. The Earth is spread out flat. Space galaxy is a hoax and a deception. NASA in ancient Hebrew means to deceive.

  12. Lets tear down the WALL of forbidden knowledge and the tragedy of the killing of civilizations from other planets just to retrieve a technologically advanced vehicle we didn’t make!

  13. Posable deniably jimmy Carter cried for 1hour after bush Sr. Told him what's going on Carter was going into a base in MM with seals bush said no look into that military has had out of space ENT for years

  14. Obama said "I can't talk about it" when ask about UFO's…. President Trump simply skipped over the question by saying "I have to look into that" …… It's not rocket science to understand… there is something there, they are unwilling to talk about… The reason may be more mind blowing than we can possibly imagine.

  15. Right. I feel like the UFO question needs a Global Warming ala AL Gore type of moment :
    "The science is in. UFOs and intelligent sentiment alien life is real and is actively observing Earth. "

  16. Why in the world would the U.S. spend billions of dollars on trying to find life on Mars if we had aliens or their spacecraft in a secret hangar in the desert? Let’s face it, some organization, company or country developed some amazing new technology.

  17. He gave you the answer without giving you the answer it was yes. There’s no way we could have the technology that we have.

  18. After the 1940s are tech suddenly started changing, look at star trek, almost every tech thing in the show is now reality, was the show actually the start of propaganda that space tech was/is real? Also the new military branch called space force and that there are military personal listed as stationed of world, where could they be? Not on the international space station its too small?

  19. Why isn’t everyone freaking out about this? Because society is asleep after years of being programmed by the government to scoff at these stories. It’s exactly the state of mind the government needed us to be in, when they’d finally tell us the truth about this. So we’d be too numb to even react much to it.

  20. Clatyon, what we need to do is to get a few senators together with the President of the United States of America… you know the guys who were elected "Government of the people, by the people, for the people and get them to do an inspection of "Area 51" and "Wright-Patterson Air Force Base" For the people. If the armed forces are in-fact keeping secrets from the US Government… "of the people" about UFO's then we have no democracy.

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