One Comment on “Fox News reports UFO are Real”

  1. this story is for they can say, oh! we are being invaded by aliens now! after plan demica fails! control. be well all is I AM pure consciousness. so this is a feed story to, get you ready, as true fake , get ready for, Alien Invasion USA/WORLD so why their FOX=666 news
    Aliens are us, we are aliens and universe is, I AM THAT. Prior to Consciousness, I AM. Nisargadatta Maharaj. SO there are "Real" Saucers. and we are {"Real" in body and mind? oh yeah measure one damn thing you can not so stfu, ego mind I's. be well I AM THAT ALL you are. ONE WHOLE Om. Namaste' all I AM the One Pure Consciousness so? So what! Seen UFO's and things that do what they say true yes seen them so have friends with me. Black, multi colored discs and etc, so what we are pure consciousness. This is FOX Scare , prepare for you the Alien Attacks are coming! Run you Kurrs!

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