36 Comments on “Fox News UFO?”

  1. Well, this is probably an edited video, because it is somewhat transparent at different times as it passes in front of the dome. But regardless, we can all be thankful for its very existence because of course it will show up in every "Shocking 2017 UFO Video Compilation! Amazing and TRUE!" ever produced. So there's that.

  2. Somebody just threw a yellow Frisbee across the frame! There's probably a dog charging after it off frame just below… it's a forced (depth) perception illusion. My god. People actually go for the default – "it's an alien spacecraft" before considering it MIGHT just be something mundane?

  3. The image was put into the video after it was filmed because the object seems to get transparent when passing the Capital Building.

  4. Кто-то что-то в воздух запустил, а они уже про НЛО кричат.

  5. Бараны тупоголовые пытаются сенсацию на пустом месте сделать. Фрисби, бля, за НЛО выдают.

  6. Кто-то пустил фрисби, а бывший работник РЕН-ТВ, переехавший в Америку работать в ФОКС, по старой привычке решил выжать с этого фрисби паранормальный максимум. Сергея Дружко на это фрисби не хватает.

  7. Если бы это было НЛО то не думаю что пришельцы красили бы свое транспортное средство в желтый цвет…

  8. На компьютере нарисовали. На замедленном действии это хорошо видно. Очередная фальшивка

  9. Looks like a frisbee to me! Lets focus on the things that will really make our case, not foolishness that degrades the effort.

  10. The only likes here and on most similar BULLSHIT propaganda channels are fake….they can fake likes all day long…its harder if they don't like SONETHING to fake dislikes, they just shut IT down or DEMONitize the channel.

  11. lol..if Aliens are that small then we should send an Space Force Army platoon of little people to fight them. Every human has a purpose…and fighting tiny aliens is one of them.

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