9 Comments on “FOX10 News Vault: UFO sightings over Mobile in 1977”

  1. Ah haaa!!! I’ve not one time heard the news mention this green plane with messages on none of our local channels.
    Why is this so funny to me?! 😏

  2. we've been seeing ufos for thousand of years.
    what evidence do we have that they're visiting or here to just sight-see?
    we know that they are entering and exiting this atmosphere on a regular basis.
    when you see a plane or a helicopter, or any other man-made vehicle in the sky, you intuitively know that it departed one location and is on its way to another location to land or return from its original departure point. and, that's it!
    why would it be different for a ufo that has ftl capabilities?
    according to the leading experts, we've explored less than 5% of this planet's oceans.
    that leaves a lot of room for another species to do whatever it wanted to without the knowledge of the general public.

    the crafts that we've been seeing are piloted or controlled by another species that shares the planet with us.

  3. 0:45
    chimp smile detected
    lacked entropy knowledge
    non emphatic
    such purple budget should've donated to deprived and poor instead
    twiced' commented….
    the keyboard warriors stupified gone rogue

  4. doesn't anyone notice the significance why they released this video on Oct 6, 2020. I will just say this CLOSE APPROACH. FOX10 you made ur outlet look really bad posting this

  5. I actually saw this. I was 12 years old, and when I first saw it, I totally freaked out… I yelled for my parents to come and and when it got just overhead, I saw, "Come to Liolio's for dinner" or something like that. I've never forgotten that event. Sure scared me – thought they were coming to get us. LOL

  6. I was born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi on 09/22/1977 the Angels came to bear witness to my birth

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