Fox's Tom Sullivan Describes His UFO Encounter – Fox News

Tom Sullivan Talks About The Time He Saw A UFO

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13 Comments on “Fox's Tom Sullivan Describes His UFO Encounter – Fox News”

  1. His self-depreciating, almost apologetic tone while telling about his sighting makes me cringe. The mainstream networks will not allow the story to be told in any other way, I am certain. MSM is not prepared to show that they take seriously sighting reports from one of their own.

  2. hey Tom im 53yrs old and live in Kansas city , i do believe there is stuff out in space way ahead of earth humans …i have seen a supernatural incident but not any ufo's good story ( SIR ) thanks-4-sharing and i listen to your radio gig everyday keep it up PLEASE

  3. You know what. I liked waking up to this guy's show until I realized how fuckin biased he is by Republicanism

  4. Tom Sullivan is a mainstream media plant to undermine the conservative voice and bolster their talking points. Take note of this scumbag because he is bad news.

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