Fri NZ UFOs (Robert on Hynek+UFO news+TR3b-SpaceX-ISS+MUFON case 95973+etc)- OT Chan Live Stream#78

1) UFO talk – Fade2Black interview sum up on Tyler
2) So called New Location of S4 according to ST10
3) ThirdphaseOfMoon and Secureteam on so called
UFO claims of TR3b looked at. (Bros come on and
troll) and also what Scott Brando thinks.
4) James (Jim) Oberg about Russian Media UFOs in
videos and photo analysis skimmed over (post it publicly
on a comment to look at and agree with findings but
to us it was obvious what the UFOs were for such detailed
5) Robert Presents more on Prof Hynek and his link
to UFO field
6) A relook and longer look at the MUFON case 95973
and we are sure pinned a solution what the sphere
with hole was.

all links posted in side chat.
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