Friendship S7EVEN

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26 Comments on “Friendship S7EVEN”

  1. So tired of being caged in this cave, where truth is hidden, honesty about our universe non existent, and no integrity of those supposedly working for us.

  2. If aliens wanted to invade earth and needed the planet humans have the ability to hold themselves hostage

    Humans: we will use nukes if you don't leave us alone!

    Aliens: nukes don't work on us humans just give up

    Humans: we didn't say we were gonna nuke YOU

    Aliens: well played, humans leaves grumbling

  3. I believe edgar, why would he lie and tarnish his legacy. He also does not have deceptive body language that I can see.

  4. 6:25 The military that were on site in Roswell told the truth to begin with – the dat after, the lies started. Hold on to the truth. They found a UAP, period.

  5. Unfortunately his death bed confession is just here say. Logic dictates that, at the size of the universe, life should be abundant. Logic also dictate that if life is abundant, a small percentage of that life intelligent and another small percentage of that percentage is way, way more advanced than us. Looking at humanity, how much it accomplished in the past two hundred years (with just an infinitesimal percentage of the population capable of thinking and understanding the technology we already have), even if you assume technology and intelligence evolve in leaps and bounds, just imagine what a civilization a few thousand years ahead of us could have achieved. Now imagine a civilization tens of thousand of years more advanced.
    If anything is out there and has traveled the space to us from another solar system or from another dimension entirely, for them, we are curiosity, resource of potential danger from them, us being a mad driven species, going out into a "civilized" neighborhood, not knowing or caring about their rules. I have no doubt such an intelligence could easily wipe us out in the blink of an eye and, if they haven't done it yet, maybe either there is still a chance for us to change and evolve or they have much higher morals and respect for life than we do. There is also the option that we don't deserve their attention and our planet is just a pit stop for them to restock in their way to a more interesting corner of space or to show their kids the zoo.

  6. So, he hasn’t seen anything, he’s just saying if….it was a Russian physicist when developing the bomb to end all bombs (tsar bomba) told the hierarchy what they were going to use was way to much and to reduced the payload, after the testing both Americans and Russians placed a cap.

  7. Ground control went strangely quiet. I can imagine the men running here and there and wondering how to respond to the astronaut. HA HA

  8. Wow the orbs I still wonder what those are they send out. In my opinion I think it like an Alien drone basically. They are either curious or guiding him in. You see how no one responds the whole time he's telling them everything?

  9. N see thats when I would see things the most on the horizon when I watched ISS as the satellite went around the planet

  10. It bothers me that everytime a news channel does a story on UAPs they play the "Xfiles theme" to downgrade it's importance. The government released a statement this year declaring that UAPs are in fact REAL. So can we move past the ridicule like adults?

  11. The news anchor just won't say it. Edgar Mitchell is telling her we've been visited but she can't take the interview where it deserves to go.

  12. I love it when the media makes fun of the subject. You’re the idiot thinking you’re the only life form in the universe

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