[Full Episode] Believe – UFOs on Mainstream News, CNN Praises Trump, Elon Musk to Mars in 2019

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In this Episode:

1) [Our Universe] Pentagon UFO Disclosure: Luis Elizondo on Fox News w/ Tucker Carlson – To The Stars Academy & Tom DeLonge

2) [Our Universe] Elon Musk SXSW Mars Spaceship News, Jeff Bezos Pledges Billions to Explore Space & Moon’s New Phone Network

3) [World News] CNN’s Erin Burnett Says Trump a “Great President” Regarding Kim Jong Un & North Korea

4) [World News] President Trump Confirms Gary Cohn a “Globalist” – Alex Jones Vindicated?

Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch

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3 Comments on “[Full Episode] Believe – UFOs on Mainstream News, CNN Praises Trump, Elon Musk to Mars in 2019”

  1. Tucker really did jump right into fear when discussing these UFOs. I mean, I can understand questioning what the DoD is doing about it, but he didn't seem excited about what these sightings could mean, just how we can attack them.

  2. I love Believe because it feels like a news source that isn't lying to me or trying to divert my attention from something else. Why does it have to be shocking that a major news source like Fox News is covering a potential UFO? The news itself should be shocking, but the fact that the media is covering a story like this shouldn't be, you know? It's just very frustrating. Additionally, the bit about CNN shows just how biased our news sources can be. It's hard to trust anyone these days. Thank you, Believe, for shedding light on misuse of power in our media.

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