FULL Uncut NASA STS-75 Tether UFO Sightings

These are my original HQ (“Smoking Gun”) Tether UFO master sequences. I made these video discoveries (copied by many others on You Tube now!) during NASA mission STS-75. (From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives)


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  1. Martyn Stubbs, by removing peoples' comments that may not agree with you, you only lose more credibility. Why even have a comment section if you have no interest in encouraging public discourse and speculation? All viewpoints should be considered valid for discussion even if you or anyone else doesn't agree with said view. Leave comments and allow for healthy exchange of ideas if you don't wish to be called a " disinformation agent" or just a common con- man. I used to enjoy your work and videos. Now, I find you've lost ground in the realm of credibility and I've lost respect.

  2. ok everybody talks about those things being spacecraft or something like that but ok if they are ufo's then they are certainly attracted to the broken tether…so that makes me question what the real purpose of the tether was? and why were they so interested in a piece of tether…if it really was a tether? the other thing that bothers me so much is the guy that talks…and the first thing he says is its beautiful!! like it was supposed to happen you can really tell he needed to say his words carefully

  3. he mentions something about things swimming by , there is no way this is what there saying come on now

  4. Also they said the tether is 12 miles long it looks like thousands of miles to me what do you think?

  5. The bizarre-looking tether and swarming dots video continues to fascinate viewers, particularly those who have been deliberately kept ignorant of fundamental context features of the event. The  UFO community has been willfully incomplete in its internet descriptions of the event, with the apparent intent to mislead their audience. A fuller set of relevant contextual information can be found at  http://www.jamesoberg.com/ufo-sts-75_tether_swarm.html

    First and most important, the swarm sequence occurred four days — FOUR DAYS – after
    the breakaway [the fake impression that the edited version clearly intended to
    make was that the swarm showed up quickly in response to the break]. This was
    after the tether had fallen behind the shuttle in its orbit, and the faster
    shuttle pulled so FAR ahead that like a fast race car on an oval track, it
    'lapped' the slower tether and overtook it from behind.

    During this time, the shuttle crew started other experiments and resumed normal
    orbit housekeeping activities, such as routine waste water dumps.  THAT is
    what the fraud about the length of the interval was meant to conceal.

     Proof of the four-day separation can be seen in these daily
    video reports of the mission:

    Flight Day 4 Video Highlights [Tether Deploy]

     Flight Day 5 Video Highlights [Tether Break/Flyaway]

     Flight Day 9 Video Highlights [Tether Fly-Under with debris]

    As the shuttle overtook the tether, there were hours of
    observation time as they neared it and passed below [and off to the side] of
    it. Occasional blizzards of dots can be seen in this interval as ice flakes
    from that day’s water dump broke free and drifted off.
    Normal behavior of these small particles, entrained by thruster plumes or other cabin gas releases, affected by the slight but still measurable air drag [when out of the shuttle’s slipstream], and possibly pushed by micro-jetting from sun-side sublimation, can be seen in this video of a routine water dump.

    [Debris with curved trajectories]

    The crew had time on the fly-by to get really good 70-mm handheld photography
    of the tether, and there were some dots in the images too. These views showed
    the tether hair-thin, and the dots as fuzzy out-of-focus objects that must have
    been within a few feet of the overhead window.

    The notches on the disks is another proof they are a camera artifact. First, they don’t appear at all on the much sharper 70-mm film images [another reason the UFO hucksters hope you don’t find out about them]. Second, the notch ‘clocking’ [orientation around the rim] is always the same for ALL disks passing through the same on-screen position, and shifts exactly the same
    way for every disk passing the same path. So it’s an internal camera optics effect. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg4e_e72fiU.

    Since there is no connection between the tether break and the dot swarm
    sequence, the obvious question would be why the dots waited to show up until
    the shuttle caught up with the lost tether — because if they had been there
    all along and were really as big as some UFO promoters claimed, they would have
    been big and bright enough to have been seen in the daytime skies of Earth as
    they passed across hundreds of millions of witnesses. Do the math, they would
    have been as big as the full moon.

    Nobody saw them. That's because the dots were associated with the nearby SHUTTLE,
    not the distant tether.

    The crew saw that the dots were close [and thus small] with
    their own two eyes. Binocular vision is an accurate range determinator out to
    tens of feet, perhaps as far as a hundred – as any baseball outfielder can
    demonstrate every game.
    Nothing went BEHIND the tether. The video cameras observing it were ruggedized external units designed for monitoring crew spacewalk activities in the payload bay, in normal visible light. Because of the enormous range of brightness that would be encountered, the pixels were designed to protect the cabin TV displays by using a ‘max out’ limit of brightness, and peg ‘high’ at light gray.  So anything bright crossing a zone that’s ALREADY ‘overbright’ isn’t going to change the pixel max level, it’s already as high as allowed. Hence the illusion of being eclipsed by a far-fatter-than-reality tether image. Also, in the camera itself, very bright
    pixels would bleed over to neighboring ones, making all bright objects [stars,
    satellites, cities, lightning, anything] slightly wider on screen, as seen by
    the artificial ‘fatness’ of the tether image [which was sunlit, NOT ‘glowing’
    on its on]. The Mission Control console operating manual of this camera is
    shown at http://www.jamesoberg.com/INCO-CHB-CCTV1.PDF.

    This information may be shocking to you. There's proof of it all. The reason it
    was withheld from you is obvious – to push you into an inaccurate assessment of
    the video. You and millions of other folks were victims of a deliberate UFO
    industry fraud. And it was so easy for them.

  6. What are all those pretty floating things , cuz some seem to have something pulling them and others with no , they are free flowing

  7. CUZ when I look up state up , at night , I see that there are different stars they all have different colours, and like different dowry patterns each vibrating differently

  8. It is unbelievably interesting that so many wan't to ignore the implications of this video by saying " it is obviously filmed under water, so debunked, end of story".
    Even if general credibility of NASA statements is heavily questioned, and rightfully so, I would doubt they release several original space videos and images that actually are filmed under water on earth. Exactly the same "slotted" craft with a center hole can be seen on A) several different NASA videos / images B) On photos of UFOs taken over european city in the fourties. Probably not "tiny creatures under water " either.

  9. 5:40 "im gonna zoom in now" zooms a little but also dims at the same time, to get rid of it all. Yea that helped us see so much better!

  10. Huge cover up. Thank you Martyn Stubbs, this shows we are not in control. We just live here and better stay on their good side.

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