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  1. That is what Gugglie/ Your Tub O' crap has done I watch it get deleted as soon as stuff is posted they are filling it up with old crap and letting none of the need to know now stuff out

  2. These idiots are professing that this is breaking news! When it’s more than a month old! Sooo the idiots are as fake as the media! Your as f n fake as the media! WTF????? WE CANNOT TRUST ANYONE!!!!

  3. The people that claim you're crazy or that you're being conspiratorial or not your friends, consider yourself lucky cuz now you're finding out who your friends really are

  4. If they’re going to continually go after Donald Trump I seriously think that we need to peacefully gather and get these people out of the limelight I am sick of hearing about these people and division where I live there’s no division none zero zip we are all neighbors we are all family and I am sick and tired of listening to this hype

  5. We need to protect an innocent man they are going after somebody that has the morals and values of our country and the people need to stand behind this man immediately I need to flood the phone lines you need to write letters you need to make billboards you need to post them on the Internet that it’s time that these people leave an innocent man alone he has freedom of speech for our country and we support his freedom of speech

  6. He knows we know all about is shit and false no existen UFO and we don’t have satellite never all is about towers

  7. Dang HNN Isn't the true name of this channel I know!!! Please tell me what the true name is and where it is hosted???? Thank you

  8. It These People Don't Get Payed To Cause Violence, I Don't Think They Will Do Anything, Because When They Start Getting Arrested & Nobody Is Their To Pay Their Bail, You'll See How Fast They Stop !!

  9. There are lights in the sky. These lights are spacecraft. Ours not aliens. This guy does not know what hes talking about. This was prophesied by Kim Clement.

  10. Yeah, I know it is old just by Him saying wait for the 4th of July Surprise. It is freaking August 5th and I must of missed his big surprise. I did not see or hear anything.

  11. I've heard that the Supreme Court will seize the Az audit and seal them. Will Attorney Sidney Powell and Military Tribunal Attorneys stop this? Please respond if you can help with understanding. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  12. No you're not putting out the truth y'all got it all wrong help and paper qanon and all them as an American okay antifa as an American I'll shoot them I'm told people and I will do it the first time a military person don't care who it is where he's at or the gun and put it in my face I'll kill him before he kills me I am a true American okay Auntie pacu and on the Proud boys the what the 1-percenters The Oath Keepers I shoot them to okay I shoot them to come on my land I shoot you know if ands or buts about it cuz I don't trust none of them don't trust a military don't trust the Democrats don't trust the Republican okay y'all talk all this stuff but y'all sit behind a microphone with pop up pictures without showing your face and videos of things all these explosions that are bugs to happen it's impossible too many people with videos Yonce all this stuff is happening and states the tunnels and stuff like that been blown up impossible to many private citizens with videos tapes that capacity person-to-person alright so y'all say there's nobody in the White House living staying there and possible too many people with videos that can show right so show me some video step out behind that might show me your face out even the damn dumbass newspaper shows their face y'all that scared alright so impossible on all the stuff that y'all talkin about too many people has video cameras and can record it show your face get out from behind those pop up pictures get that guy out of the bottom right-hand corner get that line out of the top left-hand corner it's impossible for what you are talking about too many people have cellphones to record it all right so you know y'all just like the Democrats betanews didn't Donald Trump's a fake news well you know I'm saying fake news

  13. Most of y'all say y'all love God y'all believe in God and God's doing all this do you actually think God would let a bunch of smart intelligent people come to a backwaters YouTubers on earth like this okay I told people that time and time again you actually think God's going to let us smart intelligent person come to this Backwater Planet know he's not going to allow it because he would not want them to be the influence by are ignorant C and backwards thinking so y'all believe in God I believe God ain't going to let a highly intelligent person come to this Backwater planet

  14. All of this is leading up to the great tribulation that Jesus spoke of, and then climaxes to Jehovah's great day Armageddon (Matthew24:21 Revelation 16:14-16). Now is the time to reconcile yourselves to our father and creator Jehovah God Almighty (Psalm83:18 Exodus6:3  Revelation 4:11  John17:3).Jehovah (YHWH) God has promised everlasting life on a paradise earth (a new righteous society of people) for all who obey him and his son Jesus Christ (John17:3 Psalm37:9-11,29 Matthew5:5 Matthew 7:21).Give your allegiance to Jehovah's Kingdom (theocratic heavenly government) the one that Jesus told us to pray for, because very soon it's going to destroy Satan's system and all who support it! (Matthew 6:10  Daniel 2:44   Revelation 16:14-16) please read the scriptures.

  15. ♥️🕊🇺🇸🕊♥️ God Bless Gen. Flynn. . . We can 👁 thru their bloody 3dz Maya. 🐸 WWG1WGA- President Trump is still my President ♥️

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