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  1. The people in the audience seem like they didn't give a rat's ass about what was being talked about they were like give us dinner then were outta here

  2. Interesting entertaining and what has been shown on the history channel in a new show called "the secret of skinwalker ranch ". With instruments which examine radio,gamma and electrical. The eight part series I feel is run by a alphabet agency with disclosure in mind . The possible result for them is fear and how not in control the government are. This would result in a call for weapons that would protect earth and bring the phenom down . Technology we don't understand and maybe control as the nameless feel they must every time. So people like George Knapp must keep telling those who are wide minded enough to be willing to learn and pick out the possibility that we (humans) might feel is truth. Everyone has parameters of knowledge because no one knows everything so watch videos go to conferences and open your mind .

  3. The dog took off and was never seen again. I wonder if its just cows that are being killed?

    I wonder if they have killed any people in a similar way?

    I wonder what these other dimension creatures get out of it?

    Maybe its like a gameshow on their side… Glorpschnoop! Come on down! You're the next contestant on, Peel That Other Dimensional Critter!

  4. George Knapp can tell a true story like no one can ; so many of us can & want to hear his storytelling all day long. He also makes the unreal / unbelievable so credible. Just an A+ human being & he's helped guys like Corbell & Lazar, as well as developed his own contacts, but you can tell his word is gold ; if he says he won't give up names, he doesn't, or so it seems, I believe it.

  5. I listened to an interview with the wife last week and she was the most down to earth and nicest woman I can honesty say this is all true every word he spoke of and a lot more than that has and still to this day going on and if u don't believe in any of it that is your loss its tragic I would have lost my mind and been gone on the 1st day after the so called wolf incident….that was horrifying to see I heard her but to see the poor baby calf and the mumma oh my lord in shocked this mama didn't have a heart attack but what kept her holding on was she had 2 more calfs alive and safe ,,that what was done to the horse was not just scratches whatever the hell that was in there with the horses had raped this poor horse and many more of her horses and other livestock this was done to …earth shattering I know its awful and the pure evilness I'd beyond any horror movie made it's real life and it is still going on to this day the research team is still there and it's just pure evilness that is going on u have dogman and wearwolfs and other cripids and yes bigfoot is real, how to hunt.com for more info on that subject and David Polities of the missing 411 canam project. Com on utube is a must please take the time to watch these 2 utube channels please , and you will have a better understanding of the bigfoot, I'd like a family to know that yes this place here has bigfoot and they do love to watch little children and it's not a lie if I could help 1 family from the horror of there child getting scooped up by a Sasquatch then I'd rather u think I'm nuts …as for your children please I beg of you if they tell you they saw something even like a bigfoot take that as pure truth and watch your children and don't let them alone outside and you be watching them from inside the house even an electric gate with razor wire will not stop any bigfoot and yes they have popped off people's heads so fast they are not all mean and not all of them are face EATERS there are different types of bigfoot and yes white ones too Florida is the skunk ape and they are not good at all they are evil the lower 4 in Florida is a hot spot they are in every state including Hawaii and our Canadian friends they are everywhere and u can be a hunter all your life and never see one or have an encounter with one but just don't brush this subject aside please its been long enough that we have been lied to about more than bigfoot and Et's the time has come for our planet to be aware of what's living here with us and our worst nightmare doesn't come close to the truth all we have been taught as folklore stories, guess what they are real the citizens deserve to know what the hell is going on and here and now the time is and no the ET'S don't want to go to a space war ,they want what is best for mother earth and our planet so don't be fooled by that story that is running RAMPID !! The truth is a MUST and we deserve to know but our government will never admit to any of this it's the lumber company's and others and those TV shows about bigfoot they are not what we are talking about they are in it for the money, and they lie about everything and never will they find anything about bigfoot , how to hunt.com and Scott Carpenter, and missing 411 David P those are the gentleman to listen to….thank you for taking the time to read my ling comment…

  6. Dixie cripids utube channell has done an interview with the wife please go listen to her ,I guarentee you will fall in love with her Cam does a video on her but he also has a telephone interview with her, go to his channel under interviews skinwalker ranch

  7. They are everywhere and the book that many reject the bible has the answers, what most don't realize it was written in code to warn us of things to come. We do have a creator who spoke to certain men so they could warn us and our creator wants us to have a relationship with him, he wants us to seek him with all our hearts as he knew that humanity would somehow end up enslaved for 6k yrs or so by these fallen angels, they deceived humanity and put them to sleep taking DNA aka a rib from humans/Adam=Adam means humans not just 1 man and they created hybrids/Eve=created hybrids half human half beast fallen angels to be able to have children.

    Something serious happened that brought death to humans as we were supposed to live forever and have dominion over the earth but the fallen angels came took over deceived humans, they got the legal rights of humans so God in his love for us came up with a plan to get the rights of humanity back by coming to this world in the flesh and the hybrids and fallen angels killed him but he rose from the dead as the evil beast god fallen angel required a blood sacrifice to give back the rights of death to our creator. If you want to learn the truth about our creator and what's coming very soon watch yt ch 9Nania, time is running out turn to our creator and his son for forgiveness and he promises to give eternal life in his kingdom. A good yt ch to see more hybrid proof is Divine Truth1. The churches are part of this satanic beast system so steer clear of them as they are teaching many false doctrines. God bless and wake you up to his truth.

  8. Many of these "people" who tell you these stories are the so-called aliens or they are the offspring and the bible which was written in code warns us yes we really do have a creator and his son paid these things a ransom his life to get the rights back of humanity/death. to learn the truth that you will not hear in the churches as they are controlled by these things go to yt ch 9Nania hurry as time is running out, our creators are taking his people before wrath hits this earth.

  9. What a brilliant speaker. Just one of these stories being true is hard to grasp, but frankly I'm inclined to believe all of them.

  10. I like George knap but he's been told a bunch of storied that he's taken as truth . It's nonsense show me some video evidence

  11. I could listen to George for hours he knows how to keep your attention great journalism here

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