Ghost Hunting Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish, California

S1E7 – A night alone in a ghost town… Tim heads to Bodfish, CA in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains with special permission to investigate the SIlver City Ghost Town alone. Will he survive the night?

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28 Comments on “Ghost Hunting Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish, California”

  1. UFO Seekers
    You need to see the former home of former President John Adams's residence outside of Boston.
    You will surely be surprised by the presence of something hidden or invisible that moves around the old garden whenever you notice the presence of a neighbor in the area. It is a being of the species lizard man that sneaks among the trees of the place.

  2. Hi ufo seekers, could you do longer videos and ghost town. videos absolutely brilliant, also I'm from Ireland and A big Hello from Ireland. . . 😊 ❀❀❀󾓩.

  3. There is a theory in india… If u fear of goast they appear infront . If not they never even try to touch you.. they fear of you… So next time you go for hunting goasts feel fear harder.. then it is so incredible

  4. I, really appreciate with what you have done, in making a video about Alien and others, thank you for sharing.

  5. I love the way Tim's voice changes from "I'm here all alone…" to "what the heck is going on?" when he hears a noise.

  6. Do you ever get back to the people who ask you questions? Or do you treat them like the rest of the people who make videos on YouTube?

  7. When you kept saying Dude you reminded me of Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures he would say the same thing all the time !

  8. Their are no such things as ghosts. But there are demons which alot of people mistake as ghosts. The bible says our bodies go back to the earth {dust}, and our spirit goes back to God who created it.

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