GHOSTS AND DEMONS CAUGHT ON CAMERA | A compilation of the internet's most divisive videos.

They’re the videos that have divided the internet. From ghosts, to demons, to Bigfoot. The paranormal and the mythical. These people claim their videos are real. Do you agree? Subscribe to 7NEWS for the latest video »

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29 Comments on “GHOSTS AND DEMONS CAUGHT ON CAMERA | A compilation of the internet's most divisive videos.”

  1. amazing how a man finds deer bones, heads to a nearby cave which could hold wolves then hears howling but apparently its ghosts… pure BS but tbh i shouldnt be surprised by america intellect or the lack of should i say.

  2. First rule of filming a ghost supernatural or bigfoot video, make sure you Hit the 120p film quality. Second run and shake the camera giving the audience Parkinson. Third aim at the ground and talk over the video.
    Fourth film in pitch black dark.
    …and you're done. I don't know why these people to claim to see UFO's, Bigfoot, Ghosts and goblins don't have Warner Bros or MGM beating their doors down to be movie camera techs???

  3. it was good until the person in a suit being sold as the Ohio Grass man. Why are 99.99% of Bigfoot videos bunk?

  4. Man, that was a hella stupid sasquatch hoax.. looks more like a prank. Horribly done. Don't get me wrong, I believe there is stuff out there that we don't know about, and, that has been hidden from us through lies, and, deceit. But those idiots yelling in the forest, and, playing stupidly obvious audio is definitely not one of those things.
    You can tell they put work into it, and, that in itself is so sad.

  5. 8:42 ~ manfoot screams "ahhahaaaaha" < (those were his words not mine) but translated it means….HEYYYEY DUUDDE ZIPPPPPERER IS STUCKCK GETTT ME OUTTTATA HERE

  6. I've had experiences with paranormal. for example when I wear my headphones at night, I hear whispers saying "hey." My home is honestly weird

  7. I think it was a black bear and it’s family and the sound is like a baby black bear and the walking thing it was raining so some one Wearing a full black Coat 🧥

  8. Should i be scared of "chucky" that popped outa the cribb or the "paranormal activity"

  9. Footage is probably the best Bigfoot video I've seen especially when hearing it's Howell.

  10. the first two videos was short and I thought yeah this video show us some, but then it went to boring with the guy and his grunt noises

  11. Why are all these videos the same?… You had a clear shot of the Hairy Man turning around in one spot, then you look at the ground!…

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