Giant UFO seen above Fukushima in Japan: Footage from German News

Giant UFO over Fukushima broadcast on news worldwide

Michael Cohen

UFO sightings and alien interest in both earthquakes and nuclear plants have been documented for years. This publication has reported extensively on the intense, if not unprecedented , UFO activity in Japan before, during and after both the earthquake and the tsunami. So it comes as no surprise that a number of UFO sightings as well as film evidence of alien activity around the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant have come to light.

The footage below is remarkable, even in relation to some of the other astonishing footage that has come out of the region recently. The clip comes from a news report by German media group NDR.

At 55 seconds into the clip a giant UFO can be seen hovering above the nuclear plant. Obviously this was a slip up on behalf of NDR and the Asian news outlet the group received the footage from.

Top secret government departments worldwide collude to censor out any clear and obvious proof of the alien activity that is occurring at all times on planet earth. Only news that fits in with the program the international UFO cover-up has initiated to slowly make people aware of an alien presence on Earth is allowed to reach the public via mainstream media outlets. This was either a slip-up or a leak and no doubt behind closed doors there will heated discussion over this footage that proves without doubt that aliens are here.

The second video is of a UFO fleet that was filmed above Japan around three weeks ago.


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  1. you idiot, this has nothing to do with ufo.
    it's all about Fukushima incident, on german language.

  2. @bergmanana Big floating thingy blimp or something is over the reactor when its in a helicopter camera for the news.

  3. stupid! you are using the wrong video for your title!! this is fukushima nuclear plant crisis… that is not even a UFO!!! blimp…

  4. @Decroca22 das is ein haus xD das sieht nur so als würde es sich bewegen weil die kamera sich dreht

  5. japanese news narrated in german and doesnt say shit about an UFO… who the hell clicked ''like'' ?

  6. The part of the UFO was put into the original video of the News. This is a fake, nothing more – and it is bad made. Yor are faker, @Allnewsweb!

  7. @DockTrader Laber kein Scheiß, das ist ein Gebäude, es steht und bewegt sich kein Stück weil sich Gebäude für gewöhnlich nicht bewegen können.

  8. @DockTrader Bist du eigendlich saudumm oder was?
    Schau dir mal dieses Video in bessere Quali an: /watch?v=pdBXZzzFJj0
    Du findest das scheiß Haus sogar mit Google Earth!!

  9. At least six high-ranking retired Air Force Lts. and Generals have confirmed alien aircraft making fly-bys over our nuclear weapons sites – and in many cases, shutting them down. It's real. They announced it in 2010 at a CNN press conference in Washington. They admitted the government has been keeping it a secret for decades – and that Roswell is real.

  10. Yes it is a building and it is not moving, but the copter that the camera is mounted on are so it looks like a moving object.
    For doubters: compare the closer hills against the nuclear plants.

  11. What's the point of watching and commenting on videos on youtube if you are BLIND? If that was a building that high on the horizon and rotating at that speed, it would be VAST. It would be bigger than the plant itself. Now tell me what building it is you CIA stooges…

  12. its a building…combined with the large zoom factor and movement of the camera.
    BTW – I dont want to know how many eyes and cameras where pointed to the power plant this day. i think someone else would have captured it too…

  13. this particular one was debunked, and that's coming from a ufologist myself, its an industrial building behind the plant and looks like its moving but its just the way the camera on the helicopter is filming, sorry.

  14. basically if you want to believe in ufos then thats what your gonna see, if not then its just a floating cylinder. I mean there are people who would believe that it is an angel, if thats what the video was called.. what a big load of shyte

  15. The helicopter filming this plant is extremely far away due to the radiation… the "sphere" is a building on the mountain side behind it… due to the large zoom and the movement from right to left of the helicopter the building behind appears to move when really it hasn't all all

  16. No pilot of any blimp would be so stupid as to fly in the region of the huge radioactivity here above Fukushima.  Get used to it we are being and have been visited by alien craft for thousands of not millions of years by these interplanetary craft which are powered by stupendous electrical force fields.  Please look up Dr Thomas Townsend Browns breakthrough physics on Electrogravitics, or the secret to gravity control in 1952 in Canada.  See how the positive stupendously powerful positive electrical charges on these craft played above the top hull and the negative charges lifts them through the positive pole acting as a gravity well and the lower charge acting as a gravity hill.  To move forward simply play extra positive electrical charges to the front of these saucer shaped craft and play the negative charges to the rear.  This causes ever atom and molecule of the sky craft to be accelerated in the desired direction as the combined force field of around 15,000,000 Volts accelerates this or these craft uniformly with no mechanical stresses being forced upon the craft or the pilots or the crew or the cargo, quite unlike our old fashioned modes of every day transport.  Use a Google Search for Dr Thomas Townsend Brown and Electrogravitics.  See also the Old Sanskrit texts of India and their VIMANAS I learnt about when only 16 years of age from my Physics teacher and Indian gentleman. 

  17. @johansen177 "make sure your English are well written" ummmmmmmmmmmm, *IS well written….

  18. You may wish to check the Phoenix Lights event. Seen by 20 000 people in Arizona. The Governor of Arizona ridiculed the witnesses bluntly while holding his position, but admitted later that he had seen the phenomenon as well and that the lights in the sky over Arizona were most likely of extraterrestrial origin (1:21:00). Former US Astronaut Edgar Mitchell comes to the conclusion that it was a spaceship (0:52:00): "The Phoenix Lights – we are not alone". Contrast it with the respective Bashar-video on the Phoenix lights and the reason given for choosing Phoenix for initial mass sighting, i.e: rising from the ashes.

  19. 5-14-19
    The image of this so-called craft has a small glow of light trailing
    behind. It lasts for only a few seconds, so you have to look closely.
    At the 1:00 clip. Such lights always accompanies these things.If you
    want know if they're genuine or not look for glows of lights flying around
    them. But you must understand, these manifestations are the fallen
    angels of the devil Satan. Since they were cast out of heaven by Jesus
    Christ in 1914, to the vicinity of the earth. They are unable to return to
    the realms of God's domain. – Revelation 12 :7-12. It is recorded that
    the devil hurled a third of the stars (angels), down to the earth, a great
    number. – Rev. 12:4. After the devil and his demons are finally cast
    into an abyss for 1,000 years by Michael (Jesus), he will be let lose for a
    short time, then he will do battle with Michael one last time, after that
    he will be killed with his demons forever. – Rev. 20:1-3, no more Satan!!!!!
    Then peace forever more on earth – Rev. 21:1-6/ Psalms 37: 9,10,11,29./
    Mat. 5:5; / Luke 23:43; / Dan. 2:44; / Is. 65:17-25. THEN!, it is very possible
    that God will create other civilizations of human mankind throughout the
    universe, since there will be no more wickedness anywhere. Something
    to look forward to. Can you see yourself in that paradise earth in Jehovah's
    kingdom, under the rule of his temporary designated reigning king
    Michael the archangel? And welcoming dead loved ones back from the grave?
    John 5:28,29. For now we must seek Jehovah while he can still be found.
    And he will guild you to that paradise lost – Zephaniah 2:3 – Amen

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