Giant UFOs over the Pentagon… Witnesses who Filmed the Object Came Forward

Across the ocean and 10 years later, the same type of tetrahedral UFO appears over the Pentagon; one of the most restricted places in the world.
After partying, a couple of friends saw the large tetrahedral object above the Pentagon on their way home. So they turned off the highway to take a closer look at the ship and record what they saw. Jaime Maussán interviews more witnesses to this case that give greater force and validity to this recurring phenomenon.
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24 Comments on “Giant UFOs over the Pentagon… Witnesses who Filmed the Object Came Forward”

  1. Restricted air space not ours…New over the horizon technology. Biden keeps giving our secrets away…has to be military.

  2. These 2 pyramid UFOs spotted in Washington DC n Moscow.. who are these ETs? What do they want? Are they here to warn us but warning from what? Hello from India

  3. This guy doesn't believe in aliens or thinks he it's CIA. Boy he needs to keep up with what's happening in the world. And well I'm glad I know it's real our government said so.

  4. The last false flag is going to be an alien invasion, so maybe it was a hologram 3am they figured no one would see it , that’s my opinion

  5. really gangster hoodlums running around I mean right across the street from the Pentagon within an eyeshot!! come on now.. I don’t mean no disrespect and I’m not trying to say that what you’re saying about the craft is not true!.. I actually believe that, but the part I’m having a hard time believing it those’ gangster Hoodlums out getting into mischief and hurting people running around the Pentagon’ one of the most secure buildings in our country

  6. This evokes NASA head Werner Von Braun's disclosures to associate Dr. Carol Rosin, who provided witness testimony at 2001 Disclosure Project. . . WARNING of imminent NWØ ghøul false-flag 'invasion' AKA – 'The last card.' B🎈🎈M ! ! !

  7. Yeah I don't believe in aliens as he is filming them.. the most incredible event of mankind and he had to stop filming & go home because his wife is strict..?*

  8. Look like the benevolent galactic Federation of Planets here now to assist with the passing of Nemisis/Nibiru system July/October this year!

  9. His dog has a bladder problem and has to pee all the time. 2:30 in the morning being very tired and he walks for 45 minutes to an hour to let his dog pee? Maybe his dog wants to be anonymous like him.

  10. Well..welcome to the US my friend 🙂 and what an amazing catch! Thank you for sharing it with us. 👍

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