Glowing Orbs Over Gilbert, Arizona Nov 18, 2021, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states: I Saw and videoed rounds spheres orange in color all going in the same direction. I Witnessed and saw round circles flying through the sky I pulled over and video tapped over 10 of these round circles going from east to west to making no noise really bright and hauling through the sky.


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  1. Maybe the new high altitude surveillance drones test flights, very high up ? Made to watch us, by our Government. They won't have sound, must have light for "line of sight".

  2. Told ya. Acclimation. Oh see how the glow showed better to have a brighter glowing centre, it's a shell. Laterz Scott

  3. Scott my impression about those glowing orbs is that they are watching & waiting for something global to happen down here!. Uc pal i just can't explain it.

  4. I saw one of this. Really close to my window. I was sleeping and woke up because I saw the room red. When I look out the window, I saw the red orb moving quietly. It was around 3:00am. It was a lot closer to the ground.

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