GoreCast Unplugged Group Chat Thursday UFO Edition

What’s up Gore lovers we are back tonight for our usual GroupChat Thursday show with a slightly less than usual theme as this week we’re are going to be delving into the secrets locked away in America’s Basement as we discuss all the things surrounding the roswell incident. Tonight 12am / 6pm CST only on the Gorecast [Youtube Channel|www.youtube.com/Gorecast].
As you know myself and young @buzz1013 are major ufo nuts if you watched any of our GC files episodes and we have discussed the roswel conspiracy at length once 9r twice before but tonights episode has been spurred on by a new series on discovery called Roswell: The Final Verdict where they go through all the old and newly declassified interviews with people in relation to the roswell incident with new state of the art A. I Lie detecting facial recognition software and see who really was lying and who was really telling the truth for the last 73 years .

We found it a bloody interesting watch to say the least and there will be a second part to this episode if not a third as there was another series we a wanted to look at too but there’s was just so much evidence to go through from the one series alone we thought it best to just cover that or as much of it as we can with in a respectable time limit hahaha
So don’t forget to join DemBoysFromTheGc tonight on your local YouTube channel and most importantly ….
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