Gravitas: Israeli official says aliens exist

An Israeli official has claimed that Aliens have made contact with humans and Donald Trump knows all about it.

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48 Comments on “Gravitas: Israeli official says aliens exist”

  1. Why does this woman have such a snarky delivery with each story? It feels as if she knows everything and we should be privileged she’s reading a TelePrompTer.

  2. Area 51 is a Time Travel Facility. They also make Human Terminators. Aliens do not exist, just Time Traveling Americans. We are in a computer/superhuman simulation controlled by beings far older than us. God is a Female Terminator, a wormhole was created in March 2016 and contact was established. Male Terminators act as "Cell Phones" and establish the Wormhole to who knows where, possibly another dimension.

  3. Why is everyone missing the idea that another type of entities are already here? Is because they don't know how to deal with the Truth, everyone are so involved in the little Device in their hands and missing the point that those Devices originated from Alien Technology! Some of our people are not who they said they are, there's evidence all around the world. 👽🕵️‍♂️

  4. Waiting till mankind evolves? That statement itself proves these aliens are not very bright. Our society is definitely dumbing down, not getting brighter.

  5. Q: Aliens?
    A: humans will never be ready, and why would an advance civilization want to hang out with us?
    A: Aliens aren't ready to enslave us yet.

  6. Palki…my to go to for the best and most relevant i nfo in these changing times. Thanks and more power to you.

  7. Your sarcasm clearly proves that the ETs are right about us tellurians – not having evolved adequately enough to understand the reality of the universe!

  8. were not the only ones. we are probably on the lowest form of intelligence. once we are more enlightend. they will make themselves known. i accept it. i want these aliens or these beings to come. and punish the elites.

  9. When you have not only credible people who are intelligent who have spent decades researching the phenomenon like Stanton Friedman (Nuclear physicist), J. Allen Hynek (American astronomer, professor,ufologist), US Lt Charles Halt who witnessed a UFO at Rendlesham, Former Ministers of Defence- Nick Pope and Paul Hellyer, Dr Steven M Greer, US Army Intelligence LTC James Corso who was assigned to dole out the Roswell Debris to back engineer the findings to the military industrial complex. plus Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton (Abductees) and a whole history of human beings throughout the centuries seeing incredible flying machines in the skies, painted what they saw before cameras and planes were invented, there is something being hidden by world governments and it is time to disclose it now, We can handle the truth.

  10. Aliens are not here to help us but to take advantage of us !!! I would recommend to read allies of humanity .org by Marshall Vian Summers

  11. If Aliens existed Jesus would have said so. These flying ships may be spy ships from China or Russia. Don't forget China invented the flying cars.

  12. Humanity is not ready for aliens?
    Even Americans celebrate Halloween where every alien able to performs publically.

  13. Yes! Aliens exist. The very existance of the word "ALIEN" suggest that aliens exist.
    I believe Anything that has a name exist.

  14. We call them "Aliens". No, we are "Aliens". Even before the beginning of humanity the so called aliens were here on our globe. There is a parallel unseen world behind us here on this earth and we are mere tools in their hands. (Most probably this unseen world can be the dark matter or part of it.) We are doing what they want. There is no organ called "mind" in human body. This parallel unseen world is through thoughts and thus acting as our minds. So every human thoughts are originated through a spirit behind the curtain. Now a days we started realizing the existence of the parallel world behind the curtain and calling them Aliens. The intellectual difference between two human beings is the intellectual difference between the spirits that control them. There are foolish spirits and wise spirits.

  15. Yes true, Aliens exists and there are many Alien races, its better we call them as GALAXY PEOPLE 😎✌

  16. As a sign of respect, this anchor is generally respectful of India's allies, specially someone as close as Israel. She might be sarcastic and condescending but generally within limits. Such brash and brazen response and over the top reaction for such an insignificant story…. Really makes me wonder.. Is she part of the cover up.. :-O

  17. What kind of weed is he smoking, that shit is dope bruh🔥….we beleive in alien shit but that is too much bruh 🤣🔥

  18. The truth may sting like salt on a wound, but healing is sure to follow,
    whereas lies destroy those who insist, on continuing to live in denial.
    What's found in the dark is destined to make its way to the light.
    Better also, to admit when you don't understand, than to partake in the
    uncivil behaviors of insulting and degrading another for sharing their

  19. No stealers burglars association are afraid coz not exposing truth scared hiding a lot donot trust when you cannot compete someone you go against them simple.

  20. If Gravitas didnot believe in the story why would you show it? This is diplomatic journalism … tell it as "believe it or not" … but this is a story that you can neither say it is not true … because for any alien who would not have known about earth…we would be "fiction' as well. So stop sharing stories that you donot believe in…because that too is promotion of the same.

  21. Occasionally , even the ones we perceive as smart can make a fool of themselves. Oh! I'm not talking bout the scientist.

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