Green UFO Falls From Sky Behind Live News Broadcast, Oct 2, 2014, UFO Sightings Daily.

During a weather forecast on Oct 2, a green UFO shot past the news announcer. It was 10:37 PM in Montreal, Canada. The news anchor was oblivious to the UFO, but it was noticed by the camera man and later posted to their news site. SCW


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  1. Look up the chapters on Green Fire Balls in the origianl Project Blue Book. I saw one go over the Salt Flats late one night – Sept. 2011 it was – it flew right over Salt Lake City. Later I saw reports that a large meteor impact was recorded in CO – yet never found. You might not want to look at the video here – 2 hikers killed after fire balll lands near them. When I saw this one I got to yell, to no one within many miles, 'Great Balls of FIRE!' which was fun.

  2. Cool video but that is a meteorite. The direct, straightline path and green lights are charactaristic of small meteorites, though it looks that one may have hit the ground. I saw a meteorite a few months ago, it burned out quick though, its streak only lasting a fraction of a second and only about an inch or 2 in length relative to my range of sight from the ground.

  3. Bob McDonald of CBC's "Quirks & Quarks" program surmised the next day that this could have been falling space debris. Green being a clue. I saw it from my rooftop patio in the McGill ghetto area. It came into view over the university campus and flew by very quickly toward the east. The streak suddenly grew longer with a flash of bright orange at the head before disintegrating in the air above the vicinity of Parc Ave. and Sherbrooke St. (in the video, it appears to turn yellow in the last frame). Sighting was less than 2 seconds.

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