Greg Eghigian on Pentagon UFO report: ‘We’re still living in an atmosphere of ambiguity’

Greg Eghigian, a Pennsylvania State University history professor and one of the experts featured in the docuseries “UFO,” says he doesn’t view the recent Pentagon report on UFOs as a game changer. “I think it does add a few more things to the discussion. I think the admission that these are, the vast majority of sightings were in fact real objects…I think those were fairly important admissions…We’re still living in an atmosphere of ambiguity.


9 Comments on “Greg Eghigian on Pentagon UFO report: ‘We’re still living in an atmosphere of ambiguity’”

  1. "There's a lot more to be known". If that was just the start of it that's one thing but there IS a lot more that IS known and refuse to publish! Release all and stop treating people like mushrooms.

  2. The government does not take reporting what they know about UFOs seriously, any other report or law they make are thousands of pages long, this recent UFO report was only six pages of Babel

  3. If they're here, they're in charge, and they've likely been here a long time.

    Also, the majority of humans don't process this information very well. There is a sort of cognitive dissonance that floods over most when confronted with such an extreme paradigm shift to their accepted reality. You can see it in their eyes when you show them something convincing – they are terrified.

  4. I recommend searching for the 1958 Mike Wallace interview with the courageous Former Marine Air Corps Major Donald Keyhoe, director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, . on UFOs. In black and white, it is an astounding debate presentation to experience with Keyhoe always on target with his response to Wallace's snarky questioning on this important topic.

  5. There is no ambiguity at all – The Pentagon UFO Report June 2021 is clear enough. Excerpts: "unusual flight characteristics, signature management (stealth), foreign collection program, sophisticated data collection, major technological advancement; Activity may be attributed to one or more Foreign Protagonists". Which means: Several Outer Foreigner Civilisations.

  6. I was watching a documentary about the blue book at stuff btw why are we trying to attack them alien man let them do their thing they might just wanna come to check earth out or just check what is going on like saying when we dropped the nukes on hiroshima and Nagasaki that got there attention and they wanna come to check out like hey yall those earth idiots got nukes now we should check it out and see if they will come and try to take over our planet once they find out we are retarded they will go back or we are done for

  7. Oh trust me ufo is nothing compared to crazy people. All the well-minded people who should be worried about ufo have died or don't care anymore. Look at America. people are scared of people.

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