14 Comments on “Group says UFOs found nuclear weapons (2010)”

  1. Thank you… no wonder the agency's and millitairys are worried.. still disclosure is the only way

  2. In a truthful society it would be commonplace knowledge that the universe is populated. We are selfish to think this is all for us

  3. I think there is a simple answer to this mystery, they're not ET they are our human ancestors, they discovered earth as we will do the same in the future and repeat the cycle as them. its our instinct as humans to find new lands and develop, we are primed to just carry on the chain of human progression. just next time it will be our turn to discover a new earth like world and repeat the cycle. Suddenly its not such a mind blowing mystery but makes total sense. The only thing we have to do is discover if we got stranded here thousands of years ago or if we where left to populate? what we are seeing now is exactly what we will do in the future……………. history repeats itself!

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