Guantanamo Bay UFO Report & Scotland Sighting – Paranormal News

In this episode of The Paranormal News, we cover UFOs spotted at Guantanamo Bay, a flying triangle sighted by a cop in Omaha, and a recent video taken in Scotland!

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Guantanamo Bay UFOs!

Omaha UFO –

Scotland UFO Video!


20 Comments on “Guantanamo Bay UFO Report & Scotland Sighting – Paranormal News”

  1. They're not aliens. They're us, from the future, teaching their kids not to do the stupid sh*t that we did.

  2. Trippy, I've filmed an UFO on new years eve. Could you have a look at it please?
    I tried to explain the footage on the channel but I'm pretty sure it's Alien.

  3. Ets will not torture or anything like that to get information from a human.
    They can read your mind so why need the torture?
    RJ Check out Dr. Steven Greer and many if not all of your trippy answers will be answered

  4. I dont know who that guy is that keep saying these sightings are just people on drugs or someone so hungry they want a pizza that bad and look in the sky and sees a pizza.. come on grow up

  5. I saw a UFO a before. Like for real, it was low and close to me. Black triangle. I'll never forget that night lol

  6. "He can't get his medication, the V.A isn't returning his phone calls" 😂😂😂😂 As former military I thought that was hilarious lol

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