Haboob UFOs, Fireball UFOs and Crop Circle News

Maureen Elsberry reports about the UFOs seen near the massive haboob that his Phoenix, Arizona, the fireballs caught on tape in Mexico and Georgia, and a farmer from Illinois that discovered a crop circle in his wheat field.


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  1. FYI – Before anyone gets excited about a light in the sky, they need to first: Look on FlightAware(dot)com for airtraffic near them (delayed 3-6 minutes at most), and NASA's tracker for the International Space Station (ISS), or Heavens-Above(dot)com (for more satellites). Lastly, SKY CHARTs listing the location of the major planet movements & meteor showers. If those don't explain what you saw, you can order a radar report by date/time/location from the FAA (Federal Aviation Admin) online.

  2. Thanks for this report! But I'm not convinced "The California mystery missile" is an airplane.

  3. excellent search keep going and don't give up guys ,disclosure are close hugs and bless

  4. Great news updates Maureen ūüôā im really impressed with all of the Open Minds Team, I think that the recent London UFO videos filmed by staff members of BBCs The Mill special effects company are definitely fake, if a UFO video seems too good & too clear to be true then it probably is, I am not all convinced by these videos.

  5. I saw the same thing in huntington park CA. Except only a single bright orange orb. I noticed planes going into this dark cloud, a friend said that they had been seeding it all day. Whatever that means. when all of a sudden the orb pops out of the cloud then goes back in and out a couple of times until it finally disappears. I really think were in for some shit.

  6. "Haboob" ???    Looks like a dust cloud to me.  I guess "haboob" would be the Arabic word for that.  Keep up the good work, Open Minds !!!

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