Hanging out at a UFO convention: 'I saw aliens twice'

Hundreds of UFO enthusiasts gathered at the annual Mutual UFO Network convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The convention — now in its 45th year — offers a chance for UFO believers — and, in some cases, abductees — to meet and share their extra-terrestrial encounters. We sent Adam Gabbatt to learn more.
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28 Comments on “Hanging out at a UFO convention: 'I saw aliens twice'”

  1. I believe in extraterrestrial life but am very skeptical… These people should focus on trying to back their claims with logic and science. I know it's difficult to get physical proof often with such topics but at least some data (latitude, speed of ufo etc) and first crossing off all other explanations. This is why the world doesn't take the topic of extraterrestrials seriously

  2. 0:59 the one i saw looked like a light being of white with a very round head, i tried punching it but my fist went through it.

  3. I sawR an alien twice crossing the Arizona desert, too. It had a cool craft that looked like a motorcycle, but it had sexy elongated legs instead of tires.

  4. In less than a year, this no longer appears strange to me. As long as you know for sure that you're sure you know for sure that you're sure about ufo reports and ufo witnesses.

  5. These people here are why the alien/ufo discussion will always be brushed off as nonsense crazy talk

  6. they are talented and over skills not obviously because they have a big brain than their body. as we can see specially their spaceships. 🙃

  7. Well why are allllllll aliens in USA why don't in Australia, Antarctica, Europe, Africa, or Asia why in USA????

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