Hannibal Interviews Man who says he's Visited by Aliens

Hannibal Interviews Man who says he’s Visited by Aliens

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  1. This guy is no fraud, I experience the same activity, especially since I live alone, and have dabbled in calling upon them by meditation and frequency conjuring.

  2. The best way to keep them away at night is not sleep alone sleep with the wife or a cat or dog in the room ,never been bothered that I know off sleeping with others. They got me once when all the nabours were away and we had no pets. This was at my Mother's house and she had asked me to stay because she was going away and she lives in a group of 5 houses buy them self away from any other houses and every one was away and hills and padlocks around the houses. They checked me out in there ship and went through the house looking at everything. There were two different types I saw

  3. Very cool Hannibal, ive always been fascinated with ET'S/ UFO'S . AND for that matter remote viewing and astral projection👽 please do more of this kinda video👍

  4. Had sleep paralysis a lot as a child. Never saw shadows or aliens. Felt panick/fear but I always associated with the fear of “oh no not again, paralysis”. No lie it randomly stopped when I turned Christian, I didn’t have to do anything to get it to stop. But once, right before it stopped completely, I thought I saw a shadow on my wall, but could never tell if I was half dreaming or not.

    I don’t know what the truth is about these occurrences, or these beings if they are real. Being so secretive and watchative, if so, is very weird to me and not exactly friendly. I was under the belief that these were demons for a long time. As of now I am unsure again but wary.

    Of possible significance, I had a friend interested in God but highly doubtful because he’d never seen any kind of proof or miracle or whatever. After I told him I used to have sleep paralysis he prayed for a sign. He, as a 18-21 year old man for the first time in his life suddenly got sleep paralysis and said he heard a non-animal growl near him and felt a malevolent presence next to him. He panickedly said or thought “Jesus help me” and it all instantly stopped and he could move.

    Once again I’m all for whatever the truth behind this phenomena and other phenomena are, just wanted to share a few of my experiences.

    P.s. pretty sure I’ve seen a ufo that tried to communicate/interact with me 😅

  5. Watched this twice 1st. time feel asleep or sleep paralysis/brain washed,then, after caffeine and sugar gave it a second look & came to my attention that this is a legitimate account of alien's 👽 caught up on camera!!!***

  6. Angry grandpa if any of you know of him. He had it where it would hold him down. He called the woman the hag

  7. Sleep paralysis and remembering a dream differently to what it actually was. Aliens require extraordinary truth filmed on a high quality camera. I used to be a big believer in extraterrestrial life coming here in unidentified flying objects but i realized i was just biased in my beliefs because i wanted them to be true. The reality is the sightings are Bokeh, Weather Balloons, Birds, and more mundane objects flying in the sky. All the evidence brought forth corroborates with this. There's been ZERO ''real'' evidence which proves extraterrestrial life is coming here in flying saucers (which were coined before roswell by an inventor in the 1930s). The 3 Navy UFO videos were leaked by Luiz Elizondo who leaked them under ''weather balloons''. The government never stated they thought they were extradimensional beings only charlatans like Jeremy Corbell did for his own financial gain.

    I believe aliens are real and are simply too far away in the unobservable universe to reach us. Also, extra-dimensional space travel might not be possible due to extinction and breaking the scientific laws of the universe.

    The picture of the alien in the woods is just pareidolia. He's seeing something he wants to see in shapes and patterns.

  8. i dont believe we are alone..i mean.we exist,so other life will exist too.
    but visited by aliens…i dont know

  9. Well I believe got crazy stuff happened to me. Lil green men wlkd to me in bedrm got scared and swung on them. Vortex,time stood still,felt electromagnetism, landings swung again, multiple spacecraft visits,fleet of v shaped ships,dragon tail lions ft two wings lions face shape shift to bearded man acknowledging us eyes got big n cloaked out.

  10. There is some type of phenomena where people are either projecting what they want to see or who knows, maybe we don't really understand consciousness completely. I believe this from all my digging into the paranormal, Skinwalker ranch etc…. I believe that Magnetite is the cause for all of this and I believe that our thoughts can manifest real objects when the right ingredients are present

  11. Can you make another channel with UFO/Alien-related stuff? So we don't have it mixed up with your MMA/Wrestling-stuff.

  12. what a bunch of shit heels in the live chat.. instead of mocking and belittling get a fucking life.

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