Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb answers questions about the universe #ufo

I recently took a trip to Boston to meet up with Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb.
He’s been featured on Joe Rogan and Lex Friedman’s podcasts.
He’s now heading the “Galileo Project” in the quest to solve the mystery of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.


If you wish to get in touch with Avi about the ‘Galileo Project,’ here is his email: aloeb@cfa.harvard.edu

00:00 Introduction
01:50 Is humanity ready for the discovery of aliens?
02:46 Are we alone?
03:15 ‘Galileo Project’
08:48 Oumuamua
12:36 How do you deal with controversy?
15:25 Experience on Joe Rogan and Lex Friedman
17:18 How much funding do you really need?
18:00 Making data open to public
19:36 Eye-witness testimony isn’t enough
20:25 What is the meaning of life?
29:54 Consciousness
32:43 Are we in a simulation?
39:21 In closing


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39 Comments on “Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb answers questions about the universe #ufo”

  1. And that nerdy guy said my dreams are here somebody finally sent me a prostitute

  2. 31:23 The trouble with artificial intelligence is it is not smart enough. A human child is constantly learning new things. Children can grasp concepts they never encountered.

  3. Computers today seem smart, but only do what some programmer put into the program. Computers are just a very fast calculator. They do not "Think" for themselves.

  4. I’m Avi Loebs lost brother Ear Loab. Would you please come to my house and ask me questions all night ?

  5. There is someone more intelligent than humans. That is the Creator. This was an amazing interview!

  6. The things he said about the simulation theory that there should be bugs around is something I've been thinking of myself for the longest time. Let me play the role of the devil's advocate for a bit: What if the "bugs" and "glitches" actually are the disasters happening around us. Like 'death' in general, natural disasters, mechanical disasters/accidents/incidents, the human factor-related accidents/incidents/disasters and so on, and so on.

  7. Not knowing if we are alone or not is truly the greatest question of science left unanswered.

  8. This was pretty interesting… I'd definitely watch other vids on other space related topics if you felt like making them!

  9. Nice to see you interviewing Avi on the subject of UAPs. Love his play analogy about life and the universe.

  10. You are a great interviewer. You actually let him talk with interrupting him needlessly. Just subed.

  11. Very interesting. Avi in a different light👏👏👏

    I have to throw this out,

    bc the hypocrisy of humans is hilarious…ON THE DAILY.

    No matter what the alleged ‘level of prestige’ or character of each person is claimed to be at, biology is biology.

    The ‘average’ human parts of our species are ALWAYS the same, showing how similar, we ALL, always are:

    For example:
    @2:49, Avi says, “I believe in modesty…” then, within the same answer @2:52 stares hard AF for a second at Eliana’s skirt & then legs;

    He does it a ton of Xs throughout, btw.

    That being said, I can’t blame the petit fella, but probably shouldn’t have prefaced with ‘modesty’

    Always gotta take the time to laugh AND to be brutally honest with the world outside your head, fellow humans & ‘other creatures out there’😉






    Ready ❓❓❓

  12. I am & I am not surprised, that Avi Loeb didn’t ask you in return, 1 of the main questions posed by you?

    So Eliana (‘Media Sheriff’😉 “there cannot he only 1 in these here parts”):

    What, Eliana, IS the meaning of LIFE???

    From your view, PLEASE
    (all those you’ve inquired & acquired so much information from over the years).


  13. AND… if I may?

    I ALSO need to correct Avi on something:

    WHY, ‘Mr. FRONTAL LOEB’, if u truly r such a mind of our day, would u pose, as fact, that “our religious beliefs…blah blah… would have to change”⁉️⁉️⁉️

    Umm🤔 , yeah…

    It wouldn’t have to change &, IN FACT, would not, in the slightest.

    It would however, push the belief in the oldest known documents, including, but not limited to, the Book of Enoch, Revelation, Etc.

    It would only PROVE that our origins ARE CORRECT from our ancestors, such as the Bedouin’s.

    It would prove that (call them what you’d like: angels, demons, aliens, Nephilim & Nephalem, Old Ones, etc)


    documented BY EyeWitness accounts (MUCH more credible than families of control, force & coercion who forced historic narratives based on their personal desires of reality: ie: Kings, Queens, Nobilities & other such dictators who’ve controlled the narrative “QUITE (LONG) ENOUGH, John Mayer”.

    These are the same kinds of people & hypotheses that you claim to think as foolish, Mr. Loeb🤔🤨

    Leaving me with only the option to oppose your stance on this MOST IMPORTANT topic, vehemently.

    These ARE NOT 2 diametrically opposing views either; 1 IS,
    and the other/s, is/are FABLEs, made up by greedy, crotchety, old men & a few ‘royal’ females.

    You haven’t proved otherwise, in the slightest in ANY of your interviews (I’ve seen most, of not all) where you pretentiously parrot & loop the same answers.

    Near the end, you also tell Eliana (who I can tell is much more brilliant than even the brilliant questions she poses);
    Avi, you state, as well that, “there is no teacher out their to grade “us”, so why not?”

    This is a sneaky 2nd way of throwing out YOUR personal beliefs, that there is no God, and that rather, the ever-so-trendy, ‘Ancient Astronauts’ “seeded this world”🤨

    Now that, Avi Loeb, is ABSOLUTELY, you not using the scientific method for already posed origins of LIFE, thusly, leaving you as your own little Paradox.

    Debate is an open floor, ALWAYS, Avi.
    I’m sure you at least honor that, AND…
    I offer you the challenge of it… a diplomatic chat, if you will😏

    Say when.


    Ms. Sheriff, I give much accreditation to your methods of interviewing; absolutely stunning brilliance, poised as simplicity.

    As the immortal words of Chuck Palanuik: “she’s a predator posing as a housecat.”

    Stunning, dear lady, in your entirety🤝

  14. – What's the deal with being a flirt, in a short skirt .. ?

    I won't lie, it's not always 100% bullseye, trying to get by, with this 'tactics', and here's why : there's a time and a place, for a pretty face, but even, if it seem to be lame : some times you need to play the 'grey game', to achieve fame !!!

    … especially …

    i would say : when dealing with academics, in a systemic way !!!

  15. Why'd you give this guy the time of day? He's shunned by his peers for a reason. He has decided that it's OK to throw out the scientific requirement of evidence before asserting that something is true. Disappointed this ended up on your channel. How well did you vet him before deciding on this?

  16. This is so good, subscribed! Consider me your new fan, pls do other interviews with interesting people

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