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  1. Actually only two guys made this public report (9pgs) while the true report is classified but handed into Congress covering 144 reports from 2004 – 2021

    This is Historic either way.
    Search: senate report 116-233 for more info

  2. This is a phenomena that is going on for thousands of years: in ancient books and scrolls are present multiple sightings of objects that behave just like that.
    Native Americans for example talk about the people of the stars. But we have been teached they are miths. It seems they aren't though.

  3. There real, go back to the 40's consider how much time since the Roswell crash.our gov't has perfected ufos of ' our own.

  4. lady is like "THESE DAYS ITS A CRAZY WORLD!" Even though this has probably been happening for 1000's of years now. jesus

  5. Faulty radar equipment, military funded projects and privately funded projects. The term UFO means Unidentified Flying OBJECTS. It does not mean little green men in flying saucers. Psychiatrists would call this mass hysteria and mania. Seek professional psychiatric help and get over it.

  6. It isn't real science or journalism if it isn't allowed to cover entire subjects

    I really think that we worshipped interdimensional aliens since ancient times and our society is owned in top influenced by some of them via top parts of media. Politics. Learning institutions. Religion. Banking. Corporate conglomerates (just the very top)

    Humans are depressingly easy to trick divide and distract in groups.

    Society is basically like a lower dimensional conditioned ..cognitively hi-jacked platos cave.

    And if you take a step back from all the noise and confusion it is kinda obvious imo

    We are purposely being kept from further enlightenment on this subject and other things connected to it.

    It is complicated But just that simple.


  7. My grandmother was a Native American. Her first encounter: As a child, she was herding her family livestock. “That thing was the shape of a chicken egg, there was something covering it, it had the colors like an abalone shell, it was moving all over the “egg”. It didn’t know I was watching it bc I was hiding. It was playing it the field, going at a speed that I never knew things could go that fast, so that it parted the tall grass in valley. It goes up and then dips into the valley at full speed just playing, like it was enjoying how the grass parted. There was no sound coming from it, just some greenish/bluish light. I was so scared and somehow it found out I was there and it came towards me and I ran! It came after me, I tripped and fell into the grass and I thought it was going to get me but it went over me and went up and then it disappeared”. She told her family and they told her to stay away from it. “We don’t know why they come but it’s been like this for many generations. Do not interact with them. We don’t mess with what we don’t know but we they aren’t from here. They come from above somewhere”. I believe my ancestors bc they have no reason or anything to gain from it.

  8. ALL the answers are at Area 51 & 52 & other underground bases, we all knew what the military was gonna say or not, treating us like imbeciles, its scarey to know they answer to no one & they are with holding secrets of humanity that we have a right to know BUT they yes they decided we DONT, this is a very good example of why you should never let government get too big, congress are just military puppets, theyll comply or die

  9. Also as Adm. Byrd came across there bases when he did a expedition to the S.Pole long ago , so if theyve been here for ages then technically they arent aliens but advanced earth beings

  10. Guys… it they were the real alien… they would destroyed the world already. There’s no such things

  11. The Aliens have found Dastardly ways of flight to cross our Southern American Border.
    ……Swimming across failed too often

  12. People relax. It's a process. You can't put the genie back in the bottle now. Get smart and start thinking about how your life is about to change.

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