How Does The Pentagon's UFO Report Affect Search For Other Life?

The new government report on “unidentified aerial phenomena” essentially said that they do exist, but we can’t explain them. It has sparked renewed interest in UFOs and the possibility that humanity is not alone in the universe. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for In Depth TODAY.

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25 Comments on “How Does The Pentagon's UFO Report Affect Search For Other Life?”

  1. How stupid can the 'physics specialist ' be? In 1977 the USA sent a gold disc into space describing the Earths inhabitants. "should we send invitations to aliens telling them we're not home"?

  2. The US Intelligence service doesn't know what UFOs are? Don't make me laugh. This is the narrative "they" want to spread to the vast majority of the population that is misinformed. Furthermore, BRAVE scientists, top brass military, and journalists (not in the mainstream media) across the globe have talked the topic is REAL. Therefore, it has been COVERED-UP for 75 years, it can be proved by thousands of FOIA documents that are available for anyone who wants to get informed. Moreover, skeptics must get informed before saying nonsense to the public. Precautions have been also taken by the CIA to have the UFO subject discredit by the mainstream media, scientific community, and general public. As a result, they can protect their interests.
    The big question is. Why they have started mentioning UFOs are real now? What about the past? What about Roswell? What about the testimony of military and civilians who had seen the bodies. To have the legitimacy to declare they (the government) doesn't know what UFOs are, they sent the retrieved craft to the private sector i.e., airspace companies. Since that time, they have been trying to reverse-engineer it. By the way, some scientists had worked on the project. Why not bring them to the mainstream media? (hahaha!). During future hearings, the US Congress should have the courage to choose the right people to testify and go deep inside the Roswell incident. This is not just for the American society, It is for the entire planet.

  3. Idk why the news refuses to display REAL UFO Footage!! There's THOUSANDS of Sightings Captured on CAMERA! EVERY Single day… This is what they decide to show the viewers?? Seriously.. There's a channel that has posted over 400+ UFOs on Camera If you want to see what a REAL UFO encounter looks like… I would recommend checking them out..

  4. On the latest U.S. report on this subject, the following person named Steven Greer has intimate knowledge of the conspiracy on this subject.. I will HIGHLY recommend watching his movie called, “Unacknowledged”.. Here is what he said recently about this:::: Dr. Greer's response:

    “The latest Pentagon report continues a 75 year long disinformation campaign.

    First: It asserts that the US does not have advanced aircraft that behave as shown in recent US military videos. This is patently false. In every case, those videos show classified anti-gravity electromagnetic field propulsion craft made by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman et al.

    Secondly: It denies we have evidence of extraterrestrial beings visiting earth. This is also false as abundant evidence proves this fact as found in the book "Unacknowledged" and the documentary "Unacknowledged" -and by the direct first -hand testimony of over 900 Disclosure Project whistleblowers.

    It is possible that those who authored this latest report have been denied access to the Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) that manage UFO and Extraterrestrial- related operations.
    This is plausible since I have personally briefed a CIA Director (R. James Woolsey); Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Patrick Hughes; Director of Intelligence (J2) Admiral Thomas Wilson and many other senior officials in the US, Canada the UK and Australia- all of whom were blatantly denied access to these USAPs. 
    For more information see
    Global UFO Disclosure Project Founder Steven M. Greer MD

  5. At 2:03 he stated why they have to remain professional skeptics because it will disrupt society as we know it. I remember a Star Trek NG episode where officials of an alien govt had to deny other life for these reasons. 🤔

  6. I have a video I just captured! Please watch! Here is the link!! UFO? you tell me. SW TN June2021 3:36am – YouTube ufo? you tell me. zoomed in footage. – YouTube

  7. This just proves humans are light years behind of comprehending the meaning of intelligence

  8. Mainstream is so deeply entrenched in a linear mindset and the paradigm of the late 20th century, its kind of sad. Consider non-human intelligently controlled as an actual possibility and actually think about it. Please, try to use your imagination FFS!!

  9. 2:06 Another instance this guy's talking nonsense, what religion says there can't be life on another planet?

  10. The military members we trusted with the nuclear launch codes have started that ufo disabled multiple nuclear warheads with lazers as the floated above them so we trust them with the codes to end all life on earth but they can't tell the difference between a ufo and a whether balloon

  11. Too Late. We have been sending signals thru space since Marconi and others began sending radio waves in the atmosphere. And they don't have to be Intergalactic. Our home galaxy is large enough for many advanced civilizations millions of years older than us.

  12. Scientists, media talking heads, and politicians are literally the last people to realize UFO's are extraterrestrial. LMAO

  13. UFOs look like what we imagine to look like in movies because they are patterned after what people have experienced in real life. It only makes sense that these ideas get reproduced I’m fiction.

  14. Why do scientists always roll out the same ignorant, mis-informed argument? An afternoon of research will tell you there is far more to this subject. This is the dumbed down mainstream media version for the hard of thinking.

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