How the subject of UFOs has evolved from fringe to federal probe

The Director of National Intelligence is collecting data across several federal agencies to release a report on what officials call “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Politico senior national correspondent Bryan Bender joins CBSN’s Lana Zak to share his reporting on how UFOs became a national security concern and former Senator Harry Reid’s role in bringing the subject to Capitol Hill.

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30 Comments on “How the subject of UFOs has evolved from fringe to federal probe”

  1. Yes they are real. I've seen 2 of them. The first was in Colorado 1973, outside of Denver, that looked quite similar to the tic tacs the Navy pilots released footage of. The 2nd one was in broad daylight, April 26th, 2004 at 4:30 p.m. on a sunny cloudless afternoon in Seattle. What I saw that day has stayed with me for the past 17 years. There were 3 of them hovering 400 ft over 4th & Holgate street. They were so low to the ground I saw every marking on them, every rivet, every line and engraving. At first they looked like three sewer pipes in the sky as I approached them in my bus. They were hovering right over the road I was traveling on. I got within a 1/2 block or so when the main ship turned slightly into the sun and they shimmered as if they were made of pure gold or bronze. The main ship was massive and at least a football field long. At the front of it were enormous Ammonite/Nautilus shell carvings on each side, appearing to be.horns on the front of the craft. The length of the body was deeply etched with lines resembling a serpents skin. There were two other much smaller crafts, one near the back side of the main ship and the other a couple hundred feet behind. Those two were etched with the lines resembling a whales gills. I slowed my bus to a crawl as I drove under the back end of it. It was oblong like a huge long pipe and looked to be hollow at the back end of it. There was a heat ripple coming from the back,. there was no sound, no movement, they just hovered. I looked for lines, rope or anything else that might be attached holding them in place. There was nothing. I slowly drove through the intersection looking at this thing from all sides….i was speechless. I then saw it from my rearview mirror for a brief moment and then it just shot in the blink of an eye and disappeared. There hasn't been a day since i haven't thought about it. So much so, I did a Dreyfus and sculpted it 3 different times. I wished I had had a camera that day. They were stunningly beautiful, but i do not wish to ever meet whoever or whatever was inside.of them.

  2. There's a theory that we are the aliens who are living in the past. They are just time traveling

  3. The media makes jokes about ufos 🛸 why make jokes when it should be taking serious there here so stop lying to Us throwing people who are already stupid off.. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I don’t trust the government I don’t trust the media trust your eyes because if you look in the sky you will see the truth how can some one tell you what your eyes can’t

  4. We need satellite images IF these guys want to be taken seriously… a bunch of blurry radar pics or video will not do after 70 years of cover up. We expect MUCH better evidence then 1970 era photos…

  5. Yes I believe that they are transmedium crafts, which means that they can go from air into water and vice-versa.
    Having studied UFO’s for many years, I think that they come from a multiple dimensional world, like 4 or 5 dimensions. This means that they can pop in and out of our 3 dimensional world with ease. Just saying.

  6. The big issue for me is whether they will admit that this has been happening for decades. If they do make such an admission then it is unlikely to be a technology breakthrough by the United States or a Rival nation.

  7. All these Planets and thousands of Galaxys and u people think that we still are the only life form😂I doubt these areas in space where made just to be there

  8. It's nothing that the Governments all over the world can do about it. They are to Powerful. These are Angels flying these Chariots. And they are tired of these worlds Sins….Judgment day is approaching soon…Repent…

  9. Read the Bible. It talks about them. Look up Chariot in the Bible any you will find the answers. Believe it or not. But it's very true. You will never get the truth from the news. They are in denial to this matter. But everyone will find out the truth very soon. I quest is, are you ready.

  10. This is the new money grab by the U.S. military. Once they wind down all their other b.s. extra curricular activities abroad they need funding for the "newest threat". And the party keeps going.

    All of sudden they decided to start leaking this out? Cmon, I call b.s.

    And they've never released good quality video in the age of amazing optics and 8k quality . The quality of video/pictures they are releasing looks like it's from the 50's.

  11. The highest probability is NOT aliens! Ufo's have been recorded throughout history for thousands of years. They've always been here and are quite numerous. Statistically speaking it is most likely another society that lives alongside us, hidden. Considering how often they're reported, suggests that there is a lot more of them out there that we don't see. A society with that kind of technology is much older than our own. The greatest thing they could offer us, is our own history. We weren't smart enough to keep a decent record of our own history, but they probably did. Right? They have the construction of the Great Pyramid on Dvd! =]]

  12. even without aliens we have solid government-acknowledged proof of a transportation technology that leaves no waste and seems to defy gravity which could be the solution for global warming and change the world completely that a foreign entity has created and is flying around our spy planes, mirroring their actions, teasing us and traveling miles in seconds. this is the most important event on earth right now and this barely has over 100k views. wild

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