How to Talk to Aliens | The Space Show

Professor Michael Garrett of the University of Manchester speaks with Motherboard’s Becky Ferreira about his work with SETI – the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

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42 Comments on “How to Talk to Aliens | The Space Show”

  1. Whys there so much media about us finding aliens coming out all the sudden..? yall preparing us for something?;)

  2. SETI might be the dumbest thing we’ve ever created. We could of solved hunger and poverty with that money by now

  3. Disclosure in 2 to 10 years!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These are Chinses Sub Launch Nuclear Powered Super Conducting Anti Gravity Drones (Anti Gravity Drive == EM Drive). Already Confirmed. They use NASA Scientist Ning Li's anti gravity drive. She was kidnapped by the Chinses in 2004 and forced to make these drives powering these Chinses Sub launched Drones.

    China has between 100,000 and 1 million citizens doing anti gravity research.

  5. Please don't add unnecessary background music, takes down the whole video and the topic

  6. Propaganda 101… this will be in the history books. Watch how "aliens" appear right before proof of election fraud is released to the public.

  7. Let's just try to get real mmmmkay. Looking for radio signals from advanced civilizations is like trying to find smoke signals from more primitive ones🤣 even we know about the limitations of radio communication over long distances through space already. We need to start thinking about at least 4th dimensional coms. At least try to think in this direction quantum communications etc. 🤣

  8. Big force de France pouce beu la team liké donner la force merci beaucoup c réel qu'elle plaisir force a vous mes frères et sœurs la puissance 💪🔥🌍👽

  9. Well, this isnt the case, if you know how to remote view, you'd know that they have been visiting here for thousands of years and the governments of the world have already establish contact with certain races and groups.
    There is really only one group of human representatives that deal with them, and they speak for us all

  10. I don't understand the late Stephen Hawking's concerns, we have been transmitting radio, television, and digital signals which have radiated into space since the 20th Century.

  11. Same as ouiji board.
    You are conjuring up demons. You think adVanced beings from another galaxy would travel this far for this nonsense

  12. Can we get a better video format than this white-fading-to-black grid background and off sized presenter boxes with stupid colors? This is awful and something a highschooler would make.

  13. Stanton Friedman used to call SETI the "Silly Effort To Investigate" as a rye comment on the academic community's refusal to investigate the UFO phenomena. With the recent revelations concerning UAPs buzzing our military aircraft, it's a particularly salient point today, perhaps even more than when Stan first said it. When is there going to be a well-funded, objective, serious scientific study on UAPs using the most modern sensors? Oh, but we can't. We need reproducibility. These things have an affinity for military facilities and nuclear power plants! We have reproducibility. We only need the funding and the patience.

  14. Aliens talk too you… We don't understand radiation/magnetics properly.. They already been here for thousands of years

  15. if aliens invade and are hostile, we don't stand a chance. don't let the movies fool you. they can/will easily kill us all if the choose to do so

  16. who cares about broadcaster, people would just eat up all the bullshit CNN and BBC would feed them either way


  18. I know how to speak to aliens. I had an alien friend named Sasha. The language goes like this:

    " hela hela shelist shelist"

    Do you see? I speak alien thanks to Sasha.

  19. Interesting and worthwhile video. Languages were designed during the 1960s for possible use in the event of alien contact. By contemporary standards, these linguistics attempts were naive and will be of little utility.

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