How We Staged a UFO Hoax

In 2009, residents in a New Jersey town started seeing UFOs. Was it aliens, the government, or something more sinister? Actually, it was two guys, some flares and balloons. But that didn’t stop the 911 calls rolling in, and the media picking up on the story.

Eventually, Joe Rudy and Chris Russo revealed their hoax to the public, saying it was a “social experiment”. They were sentenced to community service for “disorderly conduct” but to this day say they would do it all again. We sat down with Joe and Chris to hear how (and why) they perpetrated the hoax.

In a series of candid interviews, Fakes, Frauds & Scammers relives some of the most audacious scams and fraudulent stunts of our time from the mouths of the perpetrators themselves. Whether it’s money, fame or simply an addiction to lying, we find out what motivated these tricksters and whether the highs, lows and ramifications were worth it in the end.

The Real Life Robin Hood

How I stole 2.8 Million as a teenager

‘Max the Forger’ Specialised in Faking Famous Art

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