How would aliens describe human civilization? | Daniel Schmachtenberger and Lex Fridman

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Daniel Schmachtenberger is a philosopher and founding member of The Consilience Project.

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33 Comments on “How would aliens describe human civilization? | Daniel Schmachtenberger and Lex Fridman”

  1. The human condition is flawed. Example: Just walk into a casino and witness a mind numbing amount of people, across all cultures, dumping money into a slot machine rigged for them to lose while breathing in a known carcinogen.

  2. Depends if the aliens are looking at society as a whole, which often operates on greed and competition, or if the aliens are looking at family relationships and friendships, which are normally based around love, care and selflessness.

  3. We are in a David Attenborough style documentary or we are in a reality show or they're looking at us for research purposes

  4. … yet if the aliens could experience the love and compassion, kindness and beauty we are capable of experiencing and we often do, perhaps they will come to know that being human is a beautiful, complex mess. We are, on an individual level, a creature, capable of great wonderful things. Collectively, perhaps chaotic and cruel.

  5. I like to think that what we're seeing are Scout androids sent from somewhere else. If they're more advanced they wouldn't need to lift a finger to visit. And it would explain surviving those insane G forces.

  6. Hyper chimps that constantly lie and try to dominate one another for power and control, except like 5%

  7. I mean, humans have gone through so much rapid change compared to other dominant species. The past 10,000 years have been wild!

  8. Who is to say aliens wouldn't remember their own development? Why would they judge us so harshly based on possible failings in their own history?

  9. Daryl Anka (Bashar ) is who Lex needs to interview for the answers on Alien life . Look him up Lex pls.

  10. Sticking with the presumption that aliens are very much like us it stands to reason their own world has undergone similar catastrophes with war and conflict very much a part of their history as well. Again presuming they’ve made it through this, however difficult or near cataclysmic it was, they perhaps see a similar future for human beings too.

  11. I think aliens would put us in an Dow Jones index kind of fashion observing through 10 thousands of years of scale and would make a conclusion that our civilisation is kind of like a bubble and that bubble is gonna explode any minute when there's a global scale nuclear war happens or when a large asteroid trajects directly towards earth or when there's an alien invasion.

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