Huge Cigar-shaped UFO filmed during Spacex Starlink Mission

What is this?
SpaceX sixth launch of Starlink satellites, Thursday, March 19, 2020
Huge cigar-shaped UFO filmed during Spacex Starlink Mission

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25 Comments on “Huge Cigar-shaped UFO filmed during Spacex Starlink Mission”

  1. I just want to know is why all these ufo are out of focus you would think with high tech camera 📷 we get better image.

  2. I wonder if there was a conversation after this. Where they say to the beings, we told you we was shooting a rocket into space for the people that have no clue what is going on, and you was not supposed to be seen.
    And the Beings say, Yeah but we don't care if they see us. You are the only ones that care.
    Funny but I can actually see that going down.
    Anyway grat video, thank you for your time.

  3. u ppl dont realise that all this "space" stuff is just a hoax, spacex , spaceshuttle, iss, nasa , its all a hoax filmed in studios and cgi.
    u ppl need to start (better late then never) researching things instead of just CONSUMING things u get told all day by the mass desinformation media .

  4. I can't understand why they don't finally say if aliens exist or not.I think that humanity is ready to learn the truth.

  5. If the video is true we have to think of some possible explanations, A) Natural phenomenas of the upper atmosfera unknown to us B) the mission has secret components (satelites) who use their rosckets to manuvre -the wrong time of cource C) somebody launced a spy satellite to watch the event (China, Russia or.. ) and unexpectadly had to manouvre it avoiding a possiple collision D)Space X used some kind of photoshop to create publicity in real time transmisions, which is right among the abbilities of Ilon Musk E) Alliens touring around earth for no obvious reason,F) a plasma explotion from the sun which is a rather dangerous situation for every body.I prefer the D case because all the others are more dangerous!

  6. Remember that consioness is the only thing we all share, are bodies belong to the earth. I'ts a monter of the distribution of souls. It's investigation why so many souls are leaving reacantcly!

  7. where is the original stream of this? How do we know this wasn't edited over the original? I cant find anything…

  8. Within the atmosphere – drone of some sort
    Outside the atmosphere – spaceX rocket part of some sort

    All bases covered? Check. Welcome to 2020, where up is down

  9. It’s a toothpick that I have threw away a while ago. The toothpick then got picked up by the wind. Then the toothpick was flown into outer space. How do I know? Did you see the end of the object that looked funny? Yeah that was some steak beef I have eaten earlier from chipotle.

    Problem solved

  10. That might be that asteroid on the internet passing the borders of our solar system

  11. Prefab apartments. Being placed under the Earth. For the human race is going to be replaced. Understanding the big picture

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